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Damian Jones

I've been seeing all over this board that he's overrated and that AJ Hammons should be ahead of him (yeah, I actually read that on here). I actually agreed with most of the Damian Jones "not top 10" hype. But, after watching his draftexpress video have me pretty impress ( and I came away saying "he might be a top 10 pick in next year draft",

He's the modern day big man and then some. He's 7' 245 pounds and have a 7'2", can run the court, looks phenomenal in the PnR, can finish, block shots, shoot from the mid range/3 point line, and got a little post moves, he's aggressive and he can control the post on both sides of the ball. I believe controlling the post is big time for big man. And to all of that he's young for his grade, sophomore age.

To me he's the most impressive big man that I've seen so far in this years draft outside of Skal Labissiere, and he's the second best big in next years draft.

Here's his weakness video:

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