Dallas Mavericks’ D-League Team Reportedly Interested in Allen Iverson

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Dallas Mavericks’ D-League Team Reportedly Interested in Allen Iverson

The Texas Legends are reportedly doing all that they can to lure Allen Iverson. The Dallas Mavericks’ D-League affiliate recently inked Delonte West, and are now said to be working on acquiring The Answer. Per ESPN: “Sources said that the Legends, who are co-owned by Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, ramped up their seasonlong pursuit of Iverson on Monday, offering him the chance to resurrect his career. Iverson last played in the NBA in 2009-10 in brief stays with the Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers, but the 37-year-old has resisted opportunities to sign lucrative deals in China because, to date, he’s been reluctant to consider playing anywhere besides the NBA. Iverson has likewise resisted the Legends’ overtures so far this season — as well as a similar offer last season — but sources say that the Legends are trying again now because they’ve moved back to the top of the list in the D-League’s waiver line, meaning they’d have an unobstructed path to signing Iverson if he could be convinced to put his name in the D-League’s player pool. The Legends’ pitch to Iverson centers around the fact they’ve just convinced NBA veterans Delonte West and Rashad McCants to join their team with similar intentions, after the Legends signed another 37-year-old earlier this month — point guard Mike James — and wound up putting James in position to earn a 10-day callup to the Mavericks that turned into a guaranteed contract after James completed his second 10-day deal Sunday.”


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As a fan, I'd like to see AI

As a fan, I'd like to see AI return to the NBA, but at this point, I just don't think he brings much to the table.

And as for this report, I'm sure the Legends are putting all their resources toward recruiting AI, but if he was unwilling to come off the bench, and struggled with being a role player in the NBA, what is the likelihood he'd make an appearance in the D-League?

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It's been awhile

In my opinion, I think AI would be grateful for the opportunity.

He's 37 now, and I'm sure that age has definitely mellowed him out quite a bit. Even if he doesn't decide to come back stateside, I'm sure he'll seriously consider coming over. It would be great to see him take one last shot at an NBA comeback before he decides to retire. NBA fans who missed out would love to see "The Answer," even a 37 year-old version of him.

We'll even get to track how he's doing for free. All D-League games are on YouTube. Personally, I'd pay to see him do one of these one more time:

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Delonte and AI could form the

Delonte and AI could form the most volatile backcourt in D league history. His last stint with the Sixers you could see he has lost more than a step...however a fully committed AI could still help a team with bench scoring needs...cough cough lakers cough...

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