Dakari Johnson to Kentucky!

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Dakari Johnson to Kentucky!

Calipari does it again...nabs #1 center Class of 2013

Player Profile:

If Kentucky can land Wiggins, Randle, or Gordon...have a legit shot as going down as the best recruiting class of all-time.

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If you'll excuse me I'm going

If you'll excuse me I'm going to go hang myself.

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What a mockery Kentucky has

What a mockery Kentucky has made of the NBA and this stupid "one year removed" rule. It makes me sick but Coach Cal basically found a loophole and has turned Kentucky from a tradition laden program into a, in my view, disgraceful NBA factory.

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As a lifetime UK fan, I'm not

As a lifetime UK fan, I'm not sure I like what he's doing better than what Tom Crean has been doing at Indiana. As much as I love all the talent we get and it's fun to watch, there's not as much of a bond between the team and the fans because no one ever stays. Darius Miller was always one of my favorites on the teams because we got to watch him for more than 1 year and had a, more or less, "bond" with him.

I wouldn't go so far to call it disgraceful though. If he can get all the top talent, he shouldn't have to settle for lesser players just because he already has enough. I'm not a big fan of him basically forcing certain players to the NBA after the season there, but I think he understands that if they stay, they're taking a chance on getting a serious injury, which could affect their future in the league.

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100% Agree

It's one thing to have a player every once-in-a-while be a one-and-done, but Kentucky has a completely new roster every f*cking year!

Make the players go straight to the NBA out of high school, or make them stay for at least two years. This is getting ridiculous.

Also, even though Kentucky may have the best recruiting class in history, I doubt they will win the championship. No matter how good you are, you need some experience on your roster.

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The AAU-zation of the college

The AAU-zation of the college game continues. These kids want shortcuts. They're just insulating themselves from the added pressure of being the focal point of a team, which to me is stunting their growth. When a player has added pressure and is receiving extra defensive attention, it forces them to get better...but that would require a player working harder to earn his accolades and status, which is probably too much for a lot of these kids. On a team stacked with talent, there is less pressure to improve. They can just be part of the group, play a more specialized role and still receive the same hype and accolades that the team receives.

I wonder if Dakari is watching this yr's group of 'Cats It takes a perfect storm of intangibles, complementary skills and selflessness for a team of inexperienced, unpolished freshmen to achieve what UK did last yr. As talented as this '13 UK class is, I don't see the intangibles of a MKG or AD.

I'm guessing this forces Cauley-Stein's hand?

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Siggy, I couldnt agree with

Siggy, I couldnt agree with you doesnt really help players get ready for the NBA. I remember when Vince Carter came to UNC. He was a top 5 player in the country and the best SG coming out of HS IIRC. He was very raw defensively and his ballhandling and shooting needed work. Dean Smith broke his game down and by the time he got to the NBA, he was a much more polished player. Had he been in a situation like current-day UK, been a one and done, he likely wouldve been drafted just as high, but I seriously dont think he comes in the league with the impact he had.

On the flip side, you cant blame the kids...but man, I dont know if a guy like Marquis Teague will ever be a good NBA player....he has a lot of on the job learning to do. As far as pro success, UK's one/two-n-dones are going to have a lot of mixed success.

Oh, and I am not mad at all, it is what it is.....I dont see anything wrong with using exploits to your advantage. He is there to get paid and be successful.

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Dj to UK!

I don't understand how people can be mad at Coach Cal for pretty much taking advantage of the current situation. The NBA forces kids to attend college for at least one year, lets be honest what better place to go for a year other then Kentucky? Coach Cal takes kids and helps them not only live out a dream of playing at a big time school but also getting to the NBA. The marketing scheme he has is simple, work hard for a few moths, and become a millionaire. If I'm 17 or 18 years old the choice is easy, Kentucky is the school, put your self in these shoes for two seconds

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They are Kids

These are HS kids who watch the NBA alot. If the best player on the Planet (Lebron) can form a super team by linking up with two of his best friends that also happen to be great players why won't kids do the same? Espeacially since UK and The Heat have won like this. People want it both ways saying things like "go make your own legacy" when I kid picks a powerhouse with other 5stars. Then the same people say "winning is the most important thing." If a kid picks a school that isn't Rich in Tradition.

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I don't really care how he's

I don't really care how he's getting all these one and dones. (And yes he has cheated to get some but not all of them).

What really irks me is how he really just makes a mockery of a college education. Because that is the point of college basketball isn't? These kids get a free education while at the same time get to hone their basketball skills.

Idk maybe I'm just old fashioned, but Calipari is pretty much making a NBA D-League team.

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It's really annoying when

It's really annoying when people blame Calipari for this. He's the best recruiter in the nation and people try to play that off as a bad/unfair thing. And as far as cheating goes, everyone does it, that's just an excuse.

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Coach Cal is a good recruiter

Coach Cal is a good recruiter if people like it or not, whether this helps the players long term is beside the point, he's there to get the best for UKC and Coach Cal and once a guy gets a reputation of getting guys drafted high then the prospects will sign for him.

The one interesting point is does it force his freshmen almost to have to declare if they know a top quality replacement has been signed for the next season or is it in Coach Cal's interests that they declare. Lets say Cauley-Stein decided he wanted to stay, then Coach Cal has Johnson coming in and maybe no starting spot for him. Could he maybe tell the current freshman that the incoming guy could take his starting role, that would be a disaster for a guy looking to return and thus maybe he declares. Thus Coach Cal doesn't run the risk of having an unhappy freshman sat on the bench whilst the Soph is getting playing minutes and then maybe the freshman has to return for a second year and UKC miss out on a top prospect for that year.

Does Coach Cal get any bonus regarding where guys are drafted, I wonder or how many first rounders he gets.

If Wiggins goes there then that will be a scary line up!

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Derek Willis

He's riding the bench next year at Kentucky.

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