d-league to the draft

has anyone ever gone from the d-league to the nba draft before, other than I think Glen Rice Jr. might have a year ago.

this season there may be a couple chances. besides PJ Hairston, there is also the older Antentokumpo (sp?) brother, the original greek freak.

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I think eventually we will

I think eventually we will see an elite high schooler who can not get past the clearinghouse and/or their family being in financial straits and them jumping to the D-League as an NCAA alternative. I think using the D-League as a farm system would ultimately be beneficial to the League and the kids. It gives them an idea of the lifestyle that they may see if they do not make it, almost forcing them to work harder. Thats just my opinion, who knows what would actually happen.

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I agree. I always thought the

I agree. I always thought the d-league was an alternative no one was pursuing but that could have value. ...although glen rice jr is apparently BACK in the d-league so that idea hasn't worked great just yet.

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i totally agree, potentially

i totally agree, potentially the dleague could be a nice stepping stone for those certain players in certain situations. not that it would necessarily happen, but imagine what could have been if a guy like lenny cooke entered the dleague after being only a jr. in hs. and the right personnel were there to guide him. he might have still got caught up, but it would have to be a big time player i believe to really get the trend going.

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Latavious Williams was the

Latavious Williams was the first if I recall right. Started out with the D-League then drafted by Miami in 2010 and traded to OKC.

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I thought it was Mike Taylor

Wasn't Mike Taylor the first in like '07?

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Mike Taylor was the first.
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I miss Mike Taylor. I hated

I miss Mike Taylor. I hated that we cut him. But then again, he did play horribly in the summer league, air balling several free throws.

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