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One year later, I still say D-Howard is VASTLY overated and only a top 15 player!!! Also, I won't call out anyone, but SOMEBODY on this site said that the Magic would be better with Vince Carter than with Hedu. I almost passed out with laughter, but reserved judgement until now......He was wrong.

For the record, D-Howard is a supurb rebounder/shot blocker...That's it. After three years of working one-on-one with Patrick Ewing......it's safe to say D-Howard will never be an offensive threat. He still doesn't have ONE POST MOVE.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think Carter is definetly

I think Carter is definetly better than THIS years Hedo Tuekoglu, but last year he was better. I agree the Celtics have played good team defense, and forced Howard to beat them in the low post.

He has a few post moves but their not good enough to use on a defender like Perkins.

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i am the only one

who has said that celtics have the three of the top 10 best defensive centers in the game.

if you put sheed, garnett, or perkins at the center spot they would be top 10 in defense. who else would you put in the top 10 who can play center. maybe top 15 if you include pf who can play center but still its crazy to have that much to throw at howard. howard is real young but he has taken his team to the finals already. I would prolly start a franchise with lebron, durant, then howard. but older players are still better right now like kobe and others.

carter is still better than hedo. and the magic are better with him. who else would you give the ball to for orlando in the clutch. the celtics are deeper than ever and are just a better overall team who has the defensive big men to stop howard

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orlando was better with hedo

orlando was better with hedo ... last year they constantly ran high pick and rolls with hedo and howard and forced mismatches ... hedo was the one responsible most times for getting rashard lewis his shots, for ALMOST making him look like maybe he wasn't the most overpaid player in the league ... apparently though he didn't get the job done and the magic had to go out and trade for vince carter to emphasize that point

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Rajon Rondo is growing into

Rajon Rondo is growing into one of the best PGs in the Association.

Did you see the hustle when he stole the ball from Jay Williams (although I thought it was a travel lmao)? Heart of a champion, my friends.

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I think Turkoglu sucks this year mainly because he doesn't really fit the Raptors. He never built any chemistry with the rest of the team. I think he also got some mental issues that as the situation detoriated, he just became more and more negative, which really affected his game.

When Turk was with the Magic, he got a lot of open look because D12 is a load in the post.

Bosh and Bargnani are both jumpshooting big men. They don't stay in the post, so it didn't really help Turk's game. Basically the entire Raptors are shooters, they don't have any post presence. The only guy that actually good enough and trying to play in the post was Amir Johnson and I really hope the Raptors will re-sign this guy at a reasonable contract. I don't mind seeing Bosh gone because Bosh and Bargnani would not work together. When your big men don't work in the post, not defend in the post, and not really getting rebounds, u can never win in the playoff.

On a one-on-one level, Vince Carter is much better than Turkoglu. He's great playing iso, but he always choked and he hardly step up his game. He's afraid of contact and with the slightest contact, he would grab his body and cry like a baby on the court. He's not the type of player you would want to be the number one option. He's at best a number 3 and you would never want to rely on him at the clutch time in big game (he's good in regular season game though).

Turkoglu fits the Magic much better than Vince Carter because he was the best passer on the Magic team last year.

When I saw the Magic lost twice (and should certainly lose the 3rd time), I think that BC should try to send Turkoglu back to Orlando and possible get Vince Carter out of the deal. After getting slaughter by the Celtics, the Magic should consider taking back Turk who would play much better with the Magic.

Even if the Raptors cannot get rid of Turk, I think he would be much better next season.

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I think their biggest problem is that they were dominated at the pg position. Rondo got in the lane at will, and Nelson couldn't make plays. He was turned into a jump shooter, and not a great one. A few people on this site said that the Magic and the Celtics were even at pg. I think Rondo is a top 3 pg in the league.

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Top 3? ... I don't know about

Top 3? ... I don't know about that ... he's having an excellent playoffs, but every year somebody does great in the playoffs and we prematurely annoint them (last year there were people saying that everyone who said Rashard Lewis got paid way too much money by Orlando was crazy because he had a great playoffs)

Game 1: Rondo had 8 points on 4-10 shooting,8 assists, and 4 rebounds while Nelson scored 20 points on 8-18 shooting, 2 assists and 9 rebounds

I might give the slight edge in that game to Nelson ... or you could say it was even with Nelson's points negating Rondo's assists ... whatever the case, Rondo didn't dominate that match up in that game and Boston still won

Boston is just better all the way around, at every position other then center ... ... and the defensive prowess of Kendrick Perkins and to a smaller extent Rasheed Wallace negates that match-up --- Orlando knows this and they pretty much waved the white flag the whole second half of this game tonight

By the way ... would you guys say it's safe to say Orlando has 2 of the top 5 worst contracts in the league starting for them? ... or would you go with more of a 2 of the top 10 worst?

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orlando misses turkoglu

orlando misses turkoglu clutch and rafer alston playmaking

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