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this is a huge game. if cuse wins and MCW plays good, do u think MCW's stock will go up?

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Only one game, but a good test for MCW against the Card's backcourt and a hostile environment. I actually expect experience to be the factor for the Orange, so look for Triche and Fair to contribute more than MCW. MCW is a lock first round pick with a weak PG class, so I don't think this one game will make or break him with the 2013 draft.

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Big Guards vs Smalls

What about the contrast in the size in the guards? MCW at 6'6 and Triche as a 6'4 powertank vs. Siva and Russ who are both not much above 6'0 and about 160 lbs or so. This is going to be a great game to watch.

As far as MCW i think he should be the 1st pg off the board, but i know a lot of ppl have Smart above him. But yeah any big game he plays good in will certainly help. I just think you can't go wrong with a 6'6 pg who sees the floor as well as him.

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