The curse is Finally Over!!!

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The curse is Finally Over!!!

The Charlotte Bobcats have just beaten the bulls tonight which now gives them their 8th win of the season, more than last year. It looks like the curse of Gerald Wallace has finally been lifted! The Clippers are #1 in the West, the timberwolves are on national TV, and the Bobcats have more wins this year than last year. What a interesting NBA season we're having.

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Don't forget, choir boy

Don't forget, choir boy Dwyane Wade is now regarded as a dirty player, the Knicks are watchable, the Celtics big 3 era is coming to a sad end, and the next Lebron James type draft prospect is from Canada. Happy New Year, men.

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And the Raptors are expected

And the Raptors are expected to win the Championship!! Haha happy new years

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Someone started drinking a

Someone started drinking a little early tonight.

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