Curious what everyone thinks of this:

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Curious what everyone thinks of this:

I'm not a Lebron hater though, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought of this after reading his viewpoint on why flopping is a legitimate tactic to use in the NBA and should be allowed.

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flopping is what makes people

flopping is what makes people hate the game...

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The funny

The funny thing is James and his fans actually wonder why everyone doesn't enjoy him as a player as much as they do? Other than Shaq and Wilt easily the most physically imposing force in NBA history but falls down like Bambi getting hit by a Mack truck on a regular basis. I want to see someone bow up on his ass because despite being 6'8" 260 I think he would fight like a guy that goes 6'2" 190. Nowhere close to being a tough player but a very talented one makes up for it.

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Flopping is a cop out

Flopping is bailing out on defense. Dont get me wrong,its a time for it late in the game as a last resort manner,but id like to see better defense being played.

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There's absolutely NO place

There's absolutely NO place for flopping, ever. It's dishonest and disrespectful to the game.

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“I don’t need to flop. I play

“I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game but I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys. I don’t need to flop. I don’t even know how to do it. So it doesn’t mean much to me.”
-LeBron James

LeBron's a flopping, lying ass ho. All that media training and LeBron's still an idiot. He and Dwight have the same problem in that they both think that the public is as dumb as they are.

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Lebron is actually very

Lebron is actually very smart, he flops because it helps his team. Yeah sure people get mad but do you think he cares? It's helps his team wins games. I'm not saying I'm a fan of flopping and I actually hate it but if you could get away with it why would you stop?
AND about that quot were Lebron said he doesn't flop, did you really expect him to say" yes I do flop"? No that just doesn't happen, and you would have a similar response if you were in the same situation as him.

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He might be smart, I wouldn't

He might be smart, I wouldn't know, but he comes off as really dumb when he opens his mouth. He's a got a huge ego, struggles to suppress it, is very naive and hardly ever says the right thing. This isn't the first time he's pleaded ignorance or put his foot in his mouth and it won't be the last time.

What I would expect him to do is give a boring, non-answer answer. Usually, athletes are great at that. I'm sure he's had enough media training to do that.
Here's an easy answer and i didn't even think about it.
"I just play hard, play my game, try to win and whatever the refs see, they see."

See how easy that is?

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Don't really care

Everyone does it, Paul George did it yesterday. Blake Grifin does it, Chris Paul does it, hell there are even different forms of it. Throwing your arms in the air acting like you are being muscled and pushed all the time (Carmelo Anthony, Demarcus Cousins). Lets talk about Overreacting, LeBron is in that category with Tony Allen, and Dwayne Wade. How about how Hibbert has been on the ground this series almost as much as Chris Bosh. I'm honestly sick of hearing about it. Its a disgusting tactic, but its even more disgusting how people complain about one specific player when all of them do it.

"Yeah, but one time complared to many" There is no little evil, or big evil. Evil is evil. People use it as a tactic, so be it? Or are we just going to act like a few current hall of famers haven't done this before? Reggie Miller was a huge flopper himself honestly. Its not on the players, its on the refs to call it right. If they don't, so be it on with the game.

Oh, and flopping doesn't make me hate the game. And nobody will stop watching basketball all together. Even if they did, there is a form of flopping in the NFL too. You ever seen a team run a no-huddle in football? You know what players will do? Fake an injury to stop the clock and stop the momentum.

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Flopping in Sports

I think it was the New York Giants a couple years ago when a player faked an injury to stop the clock. It may be a smart play, but if you made the players earlier in the game so that you would be winning, you wouldn't have to resort to it. Earn your wins, don't flop them.

Some players in baseball will pretend to get hit on a ball inside that almost hit them, but really didn't (see Derek Jeter.) It's a good way to get on base if you can get away with it, but why not earn your way on? We might as well hire professional actors rather than professional athletes if we want to go see acting down the right way.

It's the same with basketball. You want to see players play, not pretend. Earn a defensive stop if you want respect. Flop if you don't. It's the simple.

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Oh yeah, the Giants did that

Oh yeah, the Giants did that against my Rams. Flopping is pathetic. I tried to sell my mom on the NBA over college by showing her the Pacers Heat game with all those flops and let's just say it didn't help in swaying her.

If people want compare MJ vs LeBron still...let's put him back playing againt the Piston Bad Boys. Does LeBron literally die on the court? I say yes

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Basketball player

Not a fighter. Fighters fight and players play. Flopping is destroying basketball. Charge is hurting basketball.

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