Cross Road Teams how can they get better for future and present

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Cross Road Teams how can they get better for future and present

NBA basketball franchises rise and fall over the years very few maintain. So how do you know when you should look to rebuild and reshape your team and how do you know if you just need a little change to put you over the edge. Teams that did well this year at making that little push would be Denver Nuggets. They acquired Billups and had amazing success. But other teams like last years Dallas Mavericks trade for Jason Kidd didn't help them but hurt them in the long run. So I was wondering if you guys had some helpful tips to get teams over the hump whether its getting into the playoffs or getting into there conference finals. And I was wondering if you could help tell the teams that its time to give up and ship there pieces off. What some teams that are at Peaks can do to maintain Please explain how these teams can add there new parts (whether to trade, release, sign or draft).
My first thoughts of teams that are on the break of

Competitors For Championship:
Lakers: Offensive juggernaut what else can I say. How can they keep Odom and Trevor?

Cleveland: How do they keep Lebron James and do they need another backup player

Orlando: I had a hard time putting Orlando here but they are legit but how do they keep Hedo and what can they get for him that would be equal?

Denver: Came out of nowhere with Billups and Anthony is only getting better. Only knock I have on them is can J.R. step up and what about Martin?

Teams on the rise of Being Competitors in the Semi Finals and Finals: Portland. Will Greg Oden step up? at least on defense? Can Aldridge become a matchup nightmare? Wheres Bayless I thought he was compared to number 0.

Chicago: Is the a log jam at power forward? Is Noah better then Thomas? Is Hinrich still on the trading shelf? What is happening with Ben Gordan is he worth the money?

Houston: WOW we learned they don't need McGrady in the playoffs but do they even need Yoa lol joking. This is the team i know least about so please expand for me

Playoffs: Oklahoma: Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook I think will be good next year but can they force there way out of the west? Can Jeff Green be more of a Lamar Odom and rebound the ball?

New Jersey: Brook Lopez will be even better on Offense next year and hopefully Harris. But what about Vince? Will Yi going to be any good?

Teams rebuilding: Toronto: I had a hard time putting Toronto here or in Playoffs section as they should have been better this year.

Memphis: Besides Oklahoma who else has a better young team? The only difference is that Oklahoma has way better contracts then Memphis who has just some bad contracts.

Minnesota: Big Al and Kevin Love are a good (almost typed great) duo. What happened to Corey Brewer? They have same problem as Memphis with Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins

NewYork: This team is the only team I see not being any good the next 2 years

Pistons: This team out of the all has the most modern day stars but i feel they will be traded this summer or draft night except Stuckey.

Lost in the middle: Utah Jazz: my only question is who will be on this team next year. Will Deron Williams have a supporting cast?

Miami: Same with Utah they have Wade but will Beasly be a player like Carmelo? Can they steal Boozer?

Atlanta: Can they put it together?

New Orleans: One year in contention the next trying to trade away one there key guys just so they get under salary cap?

Philladelphia: I thought Brand would make this team better not worse

Los Angles Clippers: A team full of bad contracts and 3 good young players they now hold the first pick

Wizards: Can number 0 be back to great form?

Golden State: Didn't know who they even wanted in rotation

Bobcats: What is up with this team? Wallace is the only stud along with D.J.

Indiana: Almost put them in playoff contention spot but idk yet

Bucks: What are they doing?

Teams on the Downfall: Phoenix: This team seems like it has the most all stars but all are aging and can't put it together. This is one of the teams that i feel no matter how many stars you add to it they won't be any better

Boston: I didn't know where to put Boston. I do feel though Ray Allen and Paul are declining and even Kevin won't make them better. Rondo is very good but there has to be an added star to put this team back in contention.

San Antonio: They won't trade there star Tim Duncan and I don't think they would trade Parker. Ginobuli is the one that i think will be on the trading block.

Dallas: This team will have Dirk who is amazing for another 3-4 years. But loaded with bad contracts. This summer won't be any better with Josh Howard smoking pot and Kidd gone idk what they can do but I feel Dallas has a light at the end of the tunnel that will put them in the finals before Dirk is done.

I wrote this very fast so there opinons i put together real quick so if there are things that can change please give them. Put as many comments and Ideas down

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Hell ya OKC the next elite western squad

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Clevelands offseason plans

1. Lock up Lebron long term
2. Lock up Lebron long term
3. Lock up Lebron long term
4. Lock up Lebron long term

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Grizzles need some depth and starting PF

Grizzles need some depth and starting PF. I think the Lakers should look to see if they can get R.Artest in the off-season and/or upgrade at the point.Orlando needs some frontcourt help at the PF and C.Cleveland needs some strength at the 2 and some scoring at the 4.Dallas has to spend some money and get a whole new backcourt and try to lure a player like Boozer to they're team but they are hurting at the point if Kidd is gone.I think if Portland can get a better 3 man and maybe settle they're point guard rotation they are going to be money.GS should just fire Don Nelson the man has outlived his purpose for the team, his lack of dedication to young players and his ongoing love affair with all perimeter players is killing that franchise.San Antonio has got to get younger by any means and get Tim some help down low resign Goodon and start drafting domestic players.Chicago just needs to settle they're guard rotation and find a capable inside scorer.Philly needs to play E.Brand at the 5 some this year and continue to draft well and maybe pick up something in free agency.OKC could use Thabeet he would be perfect for them they have scoring already just need some shotblocking and some rebounding and experience.Miami needs to get better at pretty much every position needs to spend some money and draft well to keep Wade in Dade County.

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The knicks will make the

The knicks will make the playoffs this year. But we will still suck because Lebron and Wade arent coming and nobody else is worth it. Why did we hire Donnie Walsh again?

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