Croatia Vs. Philippines

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Croatia Vs. Philippines

Did anybody saw the game?

Hearthbreaking loss for us Filipinos, if only Jeff chan's shot went in before the end of the fourth quarter,

What i saw from croatia this game:

- They did'nt respected us, I think they didn't even scouted us, Jeff Chan saw a lot of day light garnering him 17 points, most of it coming down from three

- Bojan Bogdanovic can shoot free throws, i crossing all my fingers and all my toes for him to miss his last free throws but i guess the basketball Gods were not in our favor

- Dario Saric really is good, He battled with blatche the whole game, he was so aggresive evident of him fouling out in the fourth quarter

- And yeah the latest signing of Pacers, Damjan Rudez, Can't even capitalize the height advantage they got, he was guarded by our 6'6" power forward Marc Pingris, and he only managed to get 4 points, but his free throws locked the game

- Andray Blatched, can somebody from the NBA give this man a slot in your lineup, he showed maturity and the willingness to compete, He bonded with the team real easy, he is not the cancer of the locker room, he was not the same blatche from the Washington Wizards days

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I'm Filipino, but I hate how

I'm Filipino, but I hate how much angry other Filipinos are there in social media complaining that we got robber. There was no foul on the last play, I watched the whole game. The refs also pushed us the whole game, calling tons of fouls on three point shooters. Other Filipinos don't recognize that, say Croatia didn't deserve anything and focused on that one missed call at the end.

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud that my country only lost by 3 points but I hate that there are so many butthurt and angry Filipinos out there on social media arguing with anyone who opposes them only if even a little. Also one thing to point out, the team tends to ball-watch A LOT when they give Blatche the ball, with no one cutting or even moving to get it from him. We've got to improve that and our help defense.

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