Crittenton & the Knicks

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Crittenton & the Knicks

I just read several articles regarding the Knicks holding its free-agent camps, and I was more than happy to see one of my favorite players being there, former Georgia Tech PG Javaris Crittenton.

At just age 23, many have written him off, but I see the Knicks being a decent fit for the former NBDL who averaged 15.7 PPG, 6.7 APG, and also 2.5 steals. Last year in his stint, he looked FAR better under control and was playing great defense, but that was the D-League where honestly, a player with his kind of potential should compete head above others. H

e is a 6'5 PG, I personally don't think he is a combo guard, he has played PG the majority of his career and has great handles, and passing ability. He could slide to play SG in the backcourt though. Developing under Chauncey Billups is also key, combined with Melo, Amare, and D'Antoni's uptempo system.

Someone said if he is signed is the best passer (besides Billups) that is on the Knicks roster, thoughts?!?

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