The Critical Improvement Each Young Washington Wizards Player Must Make

For the Washington Wizards, the 2012-13 season should be one of great potential. If each young player can continue developing as an individual and teammate, we could see them take giant leaps in becoming an actual playoff contender.

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ok....tell me more

ok....tell me more

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John Wall - jumpshot and

John Wall - jumpshot and learning how to change speeds

Jordan Crawford - shot selection and learning how to make the simple play

Jan Vesely - jumpshot and rebounding (since they seem to be developing him at PF)

Kevin Seraphin - face-up game, rebounding, and could maybe shed a few more lbs to reach his athletic peak

Trevor Booker - keep on trying to get his jumper more consistent, man defense, and still honing his offensive skills (even though he's made a lot of progress in this area)

Chris Singleton - strength, jumpshot, and off-the-ball play

Brad Beal - ball-handling and speeding up his shooting release

Shelvin Mack - ball-handling, court vision, and shooting. Most of his problems stem from poor athleticism though, which I don't think he can improve much.

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