Crazy 14 year old

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Crazy 14 year old

So I just saw this kid on youtube named Seventh Woods, he is 14 and will probably be talked about on this website in the future.
Now I'm my this biggest fan of hyping up young kids at this age but Seventh Woods mistake is pretty crazy and I think everyone on here will be impressed
I'm doin this in my phone so if someone could emble this right away that would be great.

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You're a little late on this

You're a little late on this one.

But still incredible athlete with fantastic coordination and superior strength. Crazy to think that he is at least 5 years away from coming to the league. Some of this new kids scare the sh!tt out of me with all the endles power and jumping abilities.

I'm getting old men...

Crazy guy!

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isn't Harry Giles a 14yo

isn't Harry Giles a 14yo still..

people thinks he might be as good of a prospect as Wiggins..

plays like bigger more athletic Lamar Odom/KG

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