Craig Brackins

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Craig Brackins

How good can he be?

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really good. I saw a good

really good. I saw a good amount of games on him. He needs to gain some weight and needs to improve his FT%

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he can be a really solid pro

but nothing spectacular, not a franchise player. IMO

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he's a solid player from what I've seen. HIs comparison is Shareef Abdur Rahim but I see some David WEst in him. He does need to put on weight, add some strength. He'll be a 14 and 8 kind of player for his career, but he's talented enough to be more than that.

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I'm not crazy about him

He's kind of stiff and thin as a rail. Don't get me wrong, he's a lot better than Austin (One) Daye (in the league). But I don't think he can defend, rebound or penetrate at the NBA level, severely limiting his potential.

In addition, his jumper is wildly overrated and doesn't extend out to the college 3, much less the NBA 3.

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