Covington,Clyburn & Blue Are Added to the Chicago PreDraft Combine

I don't know if this has been posted yet...Chad Ford tweeted that due to injuries to several high profile prospects, 3 players got late invites to attend the Combine...

Marquette's Vander Blue
Iowa State's Will Clyburn
Tennessee State's Robert Covington


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Nice. They should've been

Nice. They should've been invited in the first place. Clyburn IMO could be a steal in the 2nd. He's long (7' wingspan), athletic, can defend both wing positions and does a little bit of everything offensively.

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Snaer snubbed once again.

Snaer snubbed once again.

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I read that the NBA sent out

I read that the NBA sent out a list of 300 draft eligible players to all 30 Teams and they had to name 60 players for the camp...And the players with the most votes got invites....

Some Euro players turned down invites becuz of commitments and other issues,plus the injuries to Noel,Len and Bennett opened the door for these guys...Who i felt should've been invited in the first place...

Clyburn and Covington both played well at Portsmith,so it kind of surprise me when they werent among the 1st invitees.....Blue offensive game and shooting needs work,he might not get drafted..But he's a great athlete and good defender,he could stick if he gets in the right situation..

Nemanja Nedovic was among the original 60 invitees,happy to see that nba people are high on him..I really like his game and feel he could be 1 of the draft's sleepers.....

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I've thought Covington was a

I've thought Covington was a second round sleeper myself. A poor man's Granger.

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C lawton-i know right? seems

C lawton-i know right? seems like snaer is always getting the short end of the stick. However i feel all 3 of these guys have a legitimate shot to make a team

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I'm not quite sold on

I'm not quite sold on Covington or Blue, but I really do like Clyburn. He has the qualities as a scorer with good size to get drafted. I think he'll make a team as a mid-late 2nd rounder.

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Another strength for Clyburn

Another strength for Clyburn as well is he is a late Bloomer as he is here from Michigan and didn't even average 8 points per game his senior year, but he always had the potential because he was so fluid and athletic, just didn't really know how to play the game yet.

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