cousins highlights

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cousins highlights

15 minutes of demarcus cousins highlights for ya...grant napear on the play by play

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High talent, headcase players

High talent, headcase players never go anyplace. Remember a guy by the name of A.I.? You could do a 2 hour video of him DESTROYING the opposition. But, in the long run he isn't a championship player.

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AI doesn't have a

AI doesn't have a championship because he never had much talent around him. He was also stopped by a top 10 All-Time Great in Shaq otherwise he could've had one that season. He CARRIED his team all the way to the finals, yet you say he isn't a Championship player? He wasn't really even a headcase till after his prime but he's still one of the greatest scorers ever and he did it at the mere height of 6'0.

Cousins is fine, as far as I can tell, The new Sac management is doing a great job with him. Bringing him in on decisions in FA and asking him what position he prefers and making sure not to do anything to set him off and adding quality quiet guys to the locker room.

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He's real

I have no idea why people say that Cousins is not a MAX player. I have no idea why people question the Kings' decision to make him the face of the franchise. He averaged 17pts and 10 rbs on 47% shooting as a 22yr old Center! A lot of people dont actually watch the Kings play, they only hear about Cousins getting techs and ejected so they talk badly about him. But I guarantee if you actually took the time to watch the Kings play, you would see that Cousins is Real!

Right now, I think he is a top 5 Center in the league and the most talented Center there is. I wouldnt take him before Dwight simply because Dwight's athleticism and strength gives him the ability to dominate both sides of the ball, but there aren't many other Centers I would take before Cousins. He's going on 23, and is only going to get stronger, quicker, smarter, more mature, and just all around better.

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Cousins could definitely be

Cousins could definitely be worth max money. My concern is whether the Kings-Demarcus relationship is still viable. It seems that Sacramento has gotten there crap together more or less, but the disrespect and damage that have happened may be hard to reverse.

I was a supporter of the Bill Simmon idea that would have turned Cousins, Salmons and Hayes into Rondo. But at this point, that trade aint gonna happen so the Kings are better off just seeing how this season goes.

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its so fun to watch cousins highlights. at times he seems to be a guard with a big mans body. hes great slashing to the basket, he can step out and make midrange shots regularly, and is a monster in the paint. its also awesome to see how willing he is to set teamates up for easier baskets. when he gets his head straight (which i think hes been on the right track to doing recently) he will be a perennial All-Star. like BigChamp said, hes only 22!!! I dont know if there is another center in the league that has all the tools Cousins possesses. The future is bright for Demarcus.

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so much skill for a big man

so much skill for a big man its pretty cool to watch really. Not too many 6'11 - 7'0 centers that can run a fast break like that if any. Maybe the guard attitude is not the best for him but he's definitely not going soft in the paint at all. Plays like a bully in the post but has the touch and skill outside... future is bright, so young

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My favorite player...this

My favorite player...this ought to be the year he makes the all star game.

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If you watch to the 11 minute

If you watch to the 11 minute mark you can see that he is a great passer for a big man as well. He is so skilled it is crazy to watch sometimes. Sure he is not a great defender but he is working on that part of his game, if he can get that together he could be a top player in the NBA.

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