Cousins to Bobcats?

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Cousins to Bobcats?

Wondering what the forum thinks of this move and rumor?

First Cousins. Yes he has baggage. He's immature and an idiot but be can ball. I think in the right situation
He can be a star. He could easily be a 20 ppg 10 rpg game guy. He's not really been featured in Sacramento.
He has played with guards who dominant the ball. In Charlotte he would be option 1. Until perhaps next year when they will
Still most likely be a high lottery team even with Cousins.

It works for the Kings because they want new everything. New coach, GM, and ownership. DMC isn't exactly the model citizen to build around.

I propose Charlotte's #4 overall pick and at most their Blazers pick for 2014 for Cousins.
If they can get rid of the Tyrus Thomas contract also great, use that to resign Cousins since he's in the last year of his deal.
The Kings may be willing to deal him for less. Maybe instead of the Blazers pick, Jeff Taylor.

The Kings then have #4 and #7 this year to build and 1 more 1st rounder next year.
Bobcats still have two potential high 1st rounders in a loaded 2014 draft, but now have a borderline All Star at the 5 and much needed post game in Cousins. The Bobcats will have a great young core and a great shot to build on 2014 with the likes of Wiggins, Parker, Randle, and Gordon.

Cats 2013 lineup...

C- Cousins
PF-Biyombo ( he's not a 5)
SG-Henderson/Gordon (if can shed Thomas will have money to resign Hendeson)

What do you think? Fair for both? Plus a fresh start for Kings with good return.
Cousins can be featured until 2014. And be a nice 2 or 1a.

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If you thought he acted like

If you thought he acted like a baby in Sacramento.........

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It's good that wannabe create a new account to create

the stupidest post yet. Sacramento has said repeatedly they won't trade Cousins and they sure as hell won't trade a top 3 center for 2 lousy picks.

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Baby or not, ya don't trade one of the 5 most talented centers in the league - you don't - that's impossible to find and everyone keeps trying (Sixers - Bynum)

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