Couple questions Wolves related

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Couple questions Wolves related

If Philly decides to keep ET and Iggy what do you guys do with Jefferson? What type of trade would you guys be looking for? What teams would be interested in him?

If Philly decides they want Al who do you guys think they trade Iggy or ET?

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Well i think if they were

Well i think if they were going to trade ET or iggy they should trade ET because Iggy is good right now and who knows there is a chance ET will not pan out.

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i think if philly keeps

i think if philly keeps turner and ai2, the wolves will draft wes johnson, re-sign darko and keep jefferson. unless they trade him for expiring contracts, i don't think there is much to gain from trading jefferson.

the only way philly will move out of the number 2 is if elton brand is part of the deal. maybe al jefferson and ryan gomes or wayne ellington and the 4th pick for elton brand and the number 2.

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I think if Philly wants Al,

I think if Philly wants Al, then they will be looking to trade Iggy. For Turner, they will probably be asking for the number 4 and 16 picks at least.

Maybe the dicey situation in Memphis with Zach Randolph has the Grizzlies looking for a new PF. If that's the case, the Wolves can try to work out some sort of deal with them for a sign and trade with Rudy Gay.

My guess is as good as anyones right now. No one really has an idea of what Kahn is going to do this offseason, and quite frankly, I am not sure that he knows either.

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Turner fits better in Minny

...because he's the sort of big playmaking wing that can excel in the triangle. Iggy's more of a scorer than distributor. And I don't think Minnesota would necessarily need to throw in the No. 4 pick -- Jefferson/Gomes for Brand and the No. 2 works money-wise and seems fairly balanced.

If the MIN/PHI trade doesn't go through, I would think there are plenty of other teams looking to add a stud post presence. How about Jefferson and one of the Minny's later first-round picks to the Pistons for Rip Hamilton and the No. 7? Rip gives the T-Wolves a No. 1 scoring option for another couple of seasons, and Minnesota can address both the SG and PF positions in the draft with two top-seven picks -- maybe Wesley Johnson and Greg Monroe?

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don't forget

that Philly has three big contracts that they would like to get rid of. Iggy, Dalembert and Brand are all around 12 million...same as Big Al. Philly could use a big more than another wing but shouldn't draft one at 2. They would jump at anything involving Brand but I don't see that happening. What about Jefferson, the 4th and 23rd pick for Dalembert and the 2nd pick. That would seem to get everyone what they want.

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Dalembert's an expiring contract...he has only one year left on his deal, and you don't need to get rid of expiring big contracts, as they get rid of themselves after next year. Iggy's a good player, and his deal might be hefty, but he's worth it. Brand...Brand's on the books for another 3 years, and he's seriously declined. The only one who would be moved for the 2nd pick, then, is Brand.

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