Countdown to the Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days by JNixon (54&53)

54: Andre Roberson, 6’7 206, PF/SF, Colorado, Jr.

A 3 year starter for Colorado, Andre Roberson checks in. He became a prospect in the 2010-2011 season as a Fr., after going into college as a modestly hyped HS prospect from Texas, and was a possible 1st round pick had he declared 2 years ago. Improved statistically from his Fr. season in his last 2 years, and helped lead Colorado to 2 consecutive NCAA tournaments bids after previously being an afterthought basketball program to many. Was a productive player and a pretty unique type of prospect. Led Colorado in rebounds, blocks, and steals in each of his 3 seasons in school. Was a double double machine as well. 1st Team All Pac-12 as a Soph. and Jr., 2-time All Pac-12 Defensive Team, Pac 12 Defensive Player of the Year this past season. Physically, Roberson is in a predicament. He’s a tweener forward, and is very undersized for that at 6’7 206. He has good size for a SF and plays strong and also has a very good 6’11 wingspan to match. At PF, he’s way too small though and would struggle to bang with even the hybrid PF’s in the NBA until he gets bigger. His main problem projecting to the NBA has to do with him as a physical player. Athletically, Roberson is a very good prospect. He’s very fast and quick, especially for the PF position he mostly plays, and shows good explosiveness and agility.

Offensively, Roberson makes hay as an energetic player and not a skilled player…He really is constantly moving and does a good job of finding ways to cut to the rim for easy looks offensively…Finishes well at the rim…Will go up strong and dunk with power…Not going to be a factor with his back to the basket….Will have to be a post guy who faces up or uses his length to get high point shots to fall….Simply doesn’t have the skill level, footwork and most importantly, the strength to be a low post scorer…Has the athleticism and build to slither thru the cracks and beat bigger matchups for some garbage buckets…An improved shooter, but he is definitely still below par…Shot mechanics are not good, and more than likely will need to be refined if he ever is to become an effective shooter…Very deliberate and low shot…Range isn’t consistent away from the rim, but did show a small ability to make the occasional 22 ft shot with his feet set and space to get it off…Will not create his own shot very well…Poor ball-handling skills…The ball slows him down and he can be stripped by quick handed players…Has the quickness to utilize straight line slashes to his advance in 1 or 2 dribbles from the mid post…Little perimeter skills, which is going to limit him a bit as a small tweener forward, let alone a guy just stuck between positions…Can get transition baskets and is a great offensive rebounder…Runs the floor very well…Not the man to trust at the FT line…Really should never be more than a 5th option scorer whenever he is on the floor in the NBA…Never developed his skill level as significantly as scouts would’ve liked….Instincts help get him by

Defensively, Roberson has the ability to be a great presence at the SF spot in the NBA….Really plays hard and has the type of athleticism that makes him a weapon for teams that like to switch pick and rolls…Super quick hands and reaction ability to get blocks and steals at a high level…Gets steals at a crazy rate….Also a big-time producer as rebounder (11 rpg as a Jr)….Just about all of his potential value comes from the defensive potential he brings…Has some of the best defensive upside in this draft…Could be a true lockdown defender

Overall, Roberson isn’t a skilled guy, and he plays more like a PF than the SF position his size indicates he should play, but he is an interesting prospect who could really develop into a lockdown perimeter defender at his best. He competes hard and is a live athlete with good length and he plays stronger than he looks. He will never score much, but he brings good value on defense and as a rebounder

53: Vander Blue, 6’5 197, SG, Marquette, Jr.

Another from the line Marquette guys who are getting NBA looks, Vander Blue checks in. Blue was a local guy who was brought along slow for a guard-heavy Marquette squad as a Fr., and he really seemed too raw to consistently compete in the Big East early in his career at times, but he developed nicely every season at Marquette, as his skills grew and the game slowed down. Very highly touted recruit from local Madison. Played on the USA U18 National Team in 2010. All Big East 2nd Team Selection this past season. Physically, Blue did himself a few favors at the combine measuring out at 6’5, which is an inch or 2 higher than he was listed in college, on top of having an adequate frame and length. Solid athleticism, very good quickness and speed, as well as nice body control and agility. Not a great leaper, but is adequate as well.

Offensively, Blue is decent at best overall….Not a crazy scorer overall, but has put together his skill set well enough to be productive nowadays…Plays well in the pick and roll game, and can turn the corner and get to the rim…Has a good 1st step…Body control looks very good, rarely looks off balance…Decent strength to deal with contact on the way to the rim….Somewhat of a good finisher around the hoop…Not a shifty ball-handler, more of a 1-move-and-go type slasher…Wont take many bad shots, has a good feel for his strengths and weaknesses most times…Not the kind of guy who will get his own shot at a real high level though…Jump shot is a work in progress…Much more confident shooter than he was at the start of his career, but now is still not a truly efficient jump shooter…Range is 22 ft or so, not real threat from NBA range as of now…Has good mechanics as a shooter though, and should be able to improve…A good transition player…Decent FT shooter…Nothing special at all as a passer, had a negative A/TO last season…Must continue to polish his game

Defensively, Blue is your typical Marquette player….He’s tough, athletic and willing to defend his man…Good enough physical tools to defend either guard spot effectively…Average steals guy….Will be a good defensive player in the future

Overall, Blue isn’t an outrageous talent, but he does have some solid skills and could develop into a backup guard for a team. He defends well, and has the will and grit to be a contributor for a team. He also is a hard worker giving that he improved statistically every season. He does need to work on his jump shot range to be as good as possible offensively, but Blue is a likely 2nd round pick who will have a D-League shot even if he isn’t selected.

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Been waiting for your Roberson analysis

As a Colorado fan I've watched nearly every game of Roberson's career, and you honestly got him perfectly, he's got tremendous potential defensively but lacks any offensive skill to fit the SF position and I assume he plans on adding some strength and being a 4 but if he's a hard enough worker there is some potential on the offensive end with his athleticism(he nearly has no offensive skills at all besides hustle plays and putbacks) . Was sketchy with how you'd rate him but I think you nailed him perfectly.

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Alonzo Gee a good comparison?

Alonzo Gee a good comparison?

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Thank you thank you,

Thank you thank you, interested to see where he lands

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I haven't seen much of Vander Blue untill now but I think hes an early 2nd rounder. He could be a steal though depending where he goes. He had a great combine for athletic testing and measuring in at 6'5 helps his stock a lot too. Looks like a solid sg to come off the bench.

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I have a gut feeling that

I have a gut feeling that Blue will be undrafted even though I think he could have a role in the NBA. I really like Roberson to make a Sam Young esque impact

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I like Vander Blue a whole

I like Vander Blue a whole lot. There is no doubt in my mind that he could have a long career as a role player and potential 3 and D guy if he can just get some consistency on his jumper.

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