Countdown to the Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days by JNixon (26&25)

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Countdown to the Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days by JNixon (26&25)

26: Giannis Adetokunbo, 6’9 196, SF/SG, Filanthlitikos (Greece), 18 years old

A Greece prospect who is probably the younest player in this draft class, Giannis (refuse to spell his last name again man…) checks in at #26 in my rankings. I haven’t seen him play much as is the case with most of the overseas players, but from what I have seen it is kind of obvious to see what the intrigue with him is. He played at a lower level of Greek ball, and likely is a guy who will be drafted and stashed, but there are some things he naturally can do that GM’s will love to keep tabs on. Physically, Giannis really looks promising. He’s is extremely skinny and frail right now (imagine Kevin Durant at Texas, but 20 lbs lighter, yeah.), but he is very tall for a natural wing player at 6’9 and seems to have an outstanding wingspan and length. Has enormous hands. Still has a lot of room to grow his body, and should look to add about 20 or so lbs and gets a lot stronger before he’s ready for the grind of an NBA season. Might not be done growing; grown 3 inches since this time last year. Athletically, Giannis has a lot of promise as well. He’s already a pretty fluid and coordinated player, shows good body control, but as you’d expect from someone as thin as he is, he is not an explosive player right now due to lacking lower body strength.

On offense, Giannis is mostly a raw player with intriguing tools…He is an impressive ball-handler and passer for his size…One of the most versatile guys in this class, and really will be even more versatile as an NBA player as he gains more strength and experience…Glides around the court and likes to handle the ball from coast to coast…Shows very good body control with the ball and never seems to be wild…Despite not being explosive or strong, Giannis knows how to finish pretty well and has the size and sheer length to makes plays above the rim even when contested….Sometimes struggles in half court offense to finish, but he really looks impressive at the rim in transition and in the open court…Pretty unselfish passer and is good at making kick out passes and shows good potential finding the open man when the defense crashes on him when he slashes…Not very aggressive all the time, especially when he isnt in transition…Struggles a bit with his jump shot, and even though he has a soft touch, he doesn’t have the accurary or fundamentals to capitalize consistently…Not a guy who will be feared when left open…Even though it sounds great that he is versatile, he is also maybe ‘too versatile’…As is the case with quite a few guys who drew scouts in with their versatility (Earl Clark, Sun Yue etc), he really doesn’t have a position right now that he should play consistent minutes at….He likes to handle the ball and facilitate, but he doesn’t show the ability to really run an offense or lead a team at an NBA level for extended time at all…As an off-ball player, he isnt a major threat to shoot at all and is a player who needs the ball to be most effective, so he wouldn’t be able to play the SG for more than limited time…As a SF, he would struggle physically, given the nature of how strong the NBA 3’s are nowadays, and he’s far to small to play PF or C in the league like he does in Greece…So he will need to work on his game without the ball a lot more to be ready for the NBA, outside of his physical development…Has time, youth and natural talent to lean on, but right now Giannis is a very raw player who probably wont be ready for the NBA in the short term offensively, despite some intriguing tools

Defensively, he has all the tools to be a guy who claps down and makes plays…He lacks in his fundamentals and strength though…Can be bullied to, and around the rim, but has enough length to be a good shot blocker and he already shows a nose for getting rebounds and beginning transition chances…Also is a guy who can get passing lane steals…He needs to get stronger and play more to get better on this end

Overall, Giannis is a long term type prospect who has the skills and eye popping ability to draw a lot of interest from teams looking to invest in a guy for the future. He’s position versatile, is long and tall, looks good in transition, and plays the game very smooth and makes things look easy. His lack of strength is the main thing holding him back athletically and in terms of his game, and the fact that he needs more experience, and more experience against tougher competition. I think he will be a 1st round selection and be stashed away for the short term and monitored until he is ready to play in the NBA.

25: Reggie Bullock, 6’7 200, SG/SF, UNC, Jr.

After 3 seasons in the ACC, Reggie Bullock has declared for the NBA draft. Bullock played on some very talented UNC teams and was a starter for the majority of his last 2 years in Chapel Hill. Arrived at UNC as a highly recruited 2010 class member, and was in a 3 McDonalds AA class for Roy Wiiliams with current NBA rookies Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes. He was injured on and off as a Fr. and got limited time off the bench, showing scoring potential but struggling a bit. As a Soph. on a UNC squad favored to win the 2011-2012 title, Bullock began the year off the bench but when starter Dexter Strickland tore his ACL, he became the starter and a key role player for a squad that went to the Elite 8. As a Jr., Bullock quietly had a breakout season and finally blossomed into a top flight role player on a young UNC team and put up nice all around numbers ( 14 ppg, 6 rpg, 2/1 a/to, and 1 spg on 47 FG%, 43 3FG% ). Physically, Bulloc looks how you want a swingman to. He is a legit 6’7, and even without great length he has an NBA body. Nice frame and a well proportioned build. Athletically, Bullock s is solid. He has good speed and looks fluid, and is a decent leaper. Not a very sudden or explosive guy, average in both areas.

Offensively, Bullock is a talented of ball player who is best as a floor spacing shooter….One of the best pure shooters in the class…Has impeccable mechanics, a tight shooting motion with little wasted movement, and he is ALWAYS squared to the rim when he elevates…Shoots a very sweet and accurate shot and is a knockdown guy when spotting up…Can move without the ball and sticks shots off screens as well, even from mid-range…His jump shot, especially when spotting up, is simply a thing of beauty…Surprisingly played more efficient without Kendall Marshall, who set the table beautifully as UNC’s PG in his 1st 2 years…Even without Marshall, and slightly less floor spacing with Marcus Paige as the young floor general last season, UNC’s fast style really was effective for him, and the spacing was still very good for the college level…Will probably be a guy teams use as a floor spacer in his career…Ball-handling ability is below average…Doesn’t look comfortable dribbling the ball much and is a true off ball player who feeds off of ball movement, spacing and guard play…Loses effectiveness when shooting off the bounce as well…Very right-handed too…Ball slows him down a bit…To sort of offset his lack of shot creating ability, Bullock moves around a bit offensively to get cuts and offensive rebound opportunities for scores…Plays low mistake basketball and is one of those guys who doesn’t seem to do all that much on the court, then you look at the stat sheet and he puts together a very efficient all around game…Makes smart passes and doesn’t force any plays outside of the offense….Is a good trail shooter in transition, and shows some ability to make above the rim finishes in the open court as well….Doesnt get to the rim often, but uses his strength and touch fairly well, even though he is explosive enough to get great shots there amongst the trees….Shows a little ability to post up, but is mostly a blank slate into of actual reliable moves, but it is cool to have as a wing…Gets to the foul line at a very low rate…Will be able to play either wing spot

Defensively, Bullock is pretty impressive…He competes and defended SG’s, SF’s and PF’s in college, often doing so extremely effectively…Moves his feets and competes hard…Contests everything and although he isnt a big risk taker, he sticks his man and his guy work…Average steals guy…Will definitely be best defending SG’s as opposed to SF’s, physically…Shows good rebounding ability for a wing…Bullock could very well be a high level NBA perimeter defender in time

Overall, Bullock’s jumper gives him a skill that is valued in the NBA…He’s a physically gifted wing as well, and he plays a game that wont really clash with teammates either, as he feeds off his team and unselfish guards to factor in…His handle isnt very good, and he doesn’t create offense, but he can score off screens and stick open jumpers well…Bullock also rebounds and defends very sound too, something that could make him a valuable piece for a team down the line. Look for Bullock to be a mid to late 1st rounder.

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