Could Shaq be possibily complimenting Kobe so that he can make a return?

Think about it, there is no where else he can go to have a chance at a ring and he has maybe 2 more years left.

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Possibly, if I remember

Possibly, if I remember correctly a few years ago he said he wouldn't mind going back to the Lakers. I believe he was on the Suns at the time.

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no way kobe allows that, w/

no way kobe allows that, w/ all the bad history there and ppl saying kobe cud only win w/ shaq, well now kobe has 2 rings w/out him to = 5 and shaq has 4. kobe has one more then shaq. Why in gods name wud kobe win shaq another ring?? All shaq has done for kobe is make a lame lil rap about him..... if i was kobe i wud be singing shaq, tell me how my ass tastes

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Then people would say Kobe

Then people would say Kobe got Shaq some rings so it would always put Kobe on top from now on. I think it would be the perfect revenge for Kobe because showing mercy to a rival is the perfect shame.

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