Could Ray Allen be the oldest player to ever play the NBA

I was watching 'Inside the Heat', they asked Allen how long he thought he was staying in the league when he was first drafted at 19. Allen responded he expected to play 12 years in the NBA and prob. call it quits after that. Then he said, he's now been playing for 19 years and he still feels like he got 5 more years to go.
We all know Ray Allen's work ethic, at 37 years he is fitter than a lot of players in their 20s. Inside the Heat, Haslem said he has never seen anybody go thru tougher shooting drills than Ray Allen at 37. He's the first person to come in the gym, last person to leave.... there is no fat in his body. .
It's no secret that guys who can shoot and don't rely on athleticism to be effective tend to have a longer career in the NBA. Ray Allen happens to be the best 3point shooter of all times.

So with his combination of skill and ridiculous work ethic I don't think is a far fetched idea that Ray Allen could be in the league at 45 years old.

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I might be wrong but I think

I might be wrong but I think he said he was considering retiring soon

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