Could this happen

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Could this happen

Miami wins regular
NY wins regular
Deron Willams scores atleast 19
Dwight Howard scores atleast 22

Its a gambling thing
give your predictions

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I'd predict all of those

I'd predict all of those things happening... But I'm also lousy at gambling... So... Good Luck...

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You have to set percentages

You have to set percentages to gamble, to know if ur getting value. So the bookie gives u around 1.35-1.4 for Ny winning in regulation. That means that if u think its over 70-75% chance of them winning u should place the bet. The same ogic can be applied to all the other bets, f.eks. Heat gets around 1.35-1.4 maybe and then they must win over 70-75% of the times for this bet to have value.

For the player specials the odds is ussually around1.85-1.95 that means if u think the chance for it to happen is between 52-55 % then its value in it.

Personally i dont bet, but if i do I always play singles because its the best way to win in the long run.

This bet should go in after the odds around 15% so its around 15% chance of this to be a winning bet. Which means the total odds have to be over 6.7 for this bet to have value. This is around what u get. I dont think NY would win 3 of 4 games at mavericks, which means there is no value. I think dwight more than 55% of the time does score over 22 against a Warriors team without Bogut. I wont advice against or for any bet, but i just tried to explain value betting which in my eyes are the only way to be efficently in the long run.

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Win for Miami. NY has to come

Win for Miami. NY has to come down to earth eventually. Howard easily gets 22 tonight vs GS at home. Bogut is still out so Howard will probably have a field day. Williams at 19 is basically a push imo.

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