could cleveland be a near future( starting now) dynasty

I HATE TO ADMIT IT BUT THEY COULD GO ON A RUN AND WIN A COUPLe CHAMPITONSHIPS..I STILL BELIEVE THAT MY LAKERS WILL win it this year and next (im more hopeing now after finally realizing how soft they really are) but lebron is just so damn good and he still has room to improve ( consitant jumper) and he makes anyone who plays with him better...and now im hearing they will have the cap space to sign another all star also alot of players would love to play with all this is dependant on if he stays in cleveland, which i think he will.....i have to finally give lebron his props also because i look at that team and i dont see alot of real good players just a bunch of pretty good players mo williams excluded) even though i do underestimate illguskus...what do yall think?

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It will...

It will be easy if they keep getting free trips to the conference finals.

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yeah thats tru..there road

yeah thats tru..there road to the finals is pretty easy this year

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