Could this be a break out year for Evan Turner?

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Could this be a break out year for Evan Turner?

I know the former #2 pick has had a rough start to his career in Philadelphia...He was drafted to be a Brandon Roy like G/F, part scorer/part play maker, Turner struggled to hit jump shots and 3's and was forced to come off the bench behind Holiday, Iguadola, Lou Williams and Jodi Meeks, Thad Young also ate up some of Turner's minutes at Sf...

Last year with Iggy, Lou and Meeks gone it looked like ET was going to given a fresh start at Sg/Sf, as we know they traded for Jason Richardson plus signed Nick Young and Dorrell Wright to play on the wing and hit the jump shots that Turner showed he couldn't hit with regularity...Pg of the future Jrue Holiday became the tops scorer and demanded the ball a lot which I feel benefited Holiday and stunted Evan's growth once again...Coach Collins failed to put the ball in Evan's hands enough early in his career and forced him to become a jump shooter, this hurt ET's confidence along with inconsistant playing time...

Turner has proven to be a solid all around player when given the PT, he is great rebounder, a tough defender and a willing and able play maker, the Sixers will need a starting Pg or facilitator now that Holiday has been traded to New Orleans and Turner is clearly the guy with the most experience on the Team, he may start at Pg, Sg or Sf at the begining of the year and he and Thad will be the 2 most likely offensive options, MCW and Noel are not ready to play more than 18 minutes a game for obvious reasons, Hawes is too inconsistant to count on every game, Royce White is a complete wild card and who knows if we get him on the court...

All signs point to Evan Turner finally being given the keys to this franchise, even if it is just a 1 year test drive and he's got the team looking ahead to next years draft class and the development of MCW and Noel working against him...

I'm pulling for him to succeed because he hasn't just been handed everything unlike most high picks, he is in a contract year and we don't know what player is showing up to camp...Are we getting the player who rivaled Derrick Rose in Illinois and the player who broke his back at Ohio State and came back the same year to win College Player of the Year???

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I don't know about signs

I don't know about signs pointing to him "being given the keys to the franchise" they cleaned house to tank and build for the future...he might not be a part of that. The 76ers don't have a coach and who knows if whom they hire will utilize Turners talents the way we would hope

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why would it be? evan turner

why would it be? evan turner was a great college player and has shown a few flashes of brilliance but IMO will never be anything but just a guy in the nba

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Probably, but it's going to be that "Good Player on a Bad Team" syndrome. This affliction can lead to inflated stats and possible overvaluing. He is going to score big points with the fantasy guys though.

I mean, somebody's gotta score the points. I don't see many people in Philly who can.

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Lets get it ET!

Lets get it ET!

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Im rooting for him

I think he will be better this year. This Philly team has no hope though.

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