Could this be a break out year for Evan Turner?

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Could this be a break out year for Evan Turner?

I know the former #2 pick has had a rough start to his career in Philadelphia...He was drafted to be a Brandon Roy like G/F, part scorer/part play maker, Turner struggled to hit jump shots and 3's and was forced to come off the bench behind Holiday, Iguadola, Lou Williams and Jodi Meeks, Thad Young also ate up some of Turner's minutes at Sf...

Last year with Iggy, Lou and Meeks gone it looked like ET was going to given a fresh start at Sg/Sf, as we know they traded for Jason Richardson plus signed Nick Young and Dorrell Wright to play on the wing and hit the jump shots that Turner showed he couldn't hit with regularity...Pg of the future Jrue Holiday became the tops scorer and demanded the ball a lot which I feel benefited Holiday and stunted Evan's growth once again...Coach Collins failed to put the ball in Evan's hands enough early in his career and forced him to become a jump shooter, this hurt ET's confidence along with inconsistant playing time...

Turner has proven to be a solid all around player when given the PT, he is great rebounder, a tough defender and a willing and able play maker, the Sixers will need a starting Pg or facilitator now that Holiday has been traded to New Orleans and Turner is clearly the guy with the most experience on the Team, he may start at Pg, Sg or Sf at the begining of the year and he and Thad will be the 2 most likely offensive options, MCW and Noel are not ready to play more than 18 minutes a game for obvious reasons, Hawes is too inconsistant to count on every game, Royce White is a complete wild card and who knows if we get him on the court...

All signs point to Evan Turner finally being given the keys to this franchise, even if it is just a 1 year test drive and he's got the team looking ahead to next years draft class and the development of MCW and Noel working against him...

I'm pulling for him to succeed because he hasn't just been handed everything unlike most high picks, he is in a contract year and we don't know what player is showing up to camp...Are we getting the player who rivaled Derrick Rose in Illinois and the player who broke his back at Ohio State and came back the same year to win College Player of the Year???

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He needs to lose weight, work

He needs to lose weight, work on jumpshot, and focus on rebounding and passing. Even with
jrue he still almost got 5 assists a game and he's a beast on the boards for his height. To me he's a point guard who can play sf. Idk if he will ever be a 20 point scorer though and it doesnt matter because that will be Wiggins' job. I think et can get 16,7,7 this year but idk if it will be an efficient 16 points or a lot of turnovers with those 7 assists. Him and MCW are similar except mcw is more athletic with better passing while et is less athletic with more rebounding and better shooting. Now et is not a good shooter it's just that mcw is atrocious when it comes to shooting

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" it doesnt matter because

" it doesnt matter because that will be Wiggins' job"

I don't know if you're being hopeful or what, but even if the Sixers are the worst team in the league, they'll only have a 25% chance(+XX% if NOP misses the Playoffs but it won't be more than a decimal) to get Wiggins.

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Pelicans' pick won't help them at all as far as I know

Top 5 protected. So the best shot Philly has is 25% chance and that's if they get the worst record.

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He'll likely put up better

He'll likely put up better raw numbers because of a much higher usage on a shtty team, but then again, opposing teams will be more geared up to stop him and I don't think he's good enough to shoulder that type of responsibility. I don't see him truly breaking out. His physical talent is just so underwhelming, especially for a slasher, and I don't ever see him being a respectable shooter with that form. He improved his 3 ball, at least in terms of % (on low volume) but was only good from the corners. Who's gonna set up those corner 3's now?

I heard that the 6ers are trying to deal and have been trying to deal him but aren't getting any attractive offers in return. I heard they tried to deal him for a late first on draft night and nobody would bite. Pretty understandable considering he's not worth what he'll be paid this yr. Hopefully he plays well enough to trick some other GM and the 6ers get something with decent value in return.

Interesting stat from last yr: Evan Turner had the lowest PER and WS rate of any player in the league last yr who played over 35mpg.

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Exactly he is slasher who

Exactly he is slasher who can't get all the way to the bucket...and he can't shoot either. He can rebound very well for a guard but that is the only elite skill he has. He is best suited for a role off the bench but he doesn't play very well when he comes off the bench.

Turner was the no brainer pick #2 overall in that draft but his projected ceiling as a Brandon Roy type player was off from day one. He just isn't quick or explosive enough to consistently get to the basket and it doesn't help that nobody respects his jumpshot either. He will certainly have his chance to prove himself this year but if and when he doesn't he will be gone.

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It looks like he's going to

It looks like he's going to be Philly's starting pg,so i expect his stats to go up a little..But Until he learns how to play without the ball in his hands and add a consistent outside shot,he wont elevate his game...

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I believe if Turner was ready to 'break out' then he would have been given the chance - I really don't think Doug Collins is that stupid. Turner has improved no doubt but he has not been good enough to be handed the keys. I honestly think Carter-Williams is more likely to be a major piece of the team going forward and Turner has a very very long way to go before he shows he will be even close to what he was in college.

I'm interested in what the Scarecrow thinks Turner is capable of statistically, providing he plays all through the year..

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He's going to ball out this

He's going to ball out this year...contract year!

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I am thinking about 16

I am thinking about 16 points, 7 boards and 5 assists a game which would be an improvement but not really enough of one to call it a breakout year. He will have better stats by default because the Sixers have a roster full of players that aren't known for putting the ball in the basket outside of an aging Jason Richardson.

The one problem for Turner is clearly his inconsistent jumpshot. The reason it is so inconsistent is because he has his guide hand in front of the ball instead of on the side. The guide hand is doing nothing but getting in the way when it is in front of the ball. I know he has always shot like this and likely always will and that is why he will never truly breakout as an NBA player. He really does everything else pretty well outside of shooting the ball...but that is an important skill to have especially as a guard in the NBA game.

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I don't know how much a bad

I don't know how much a bad year would hurt his future career. I mean, obviously it's going to hurt his stock and his reputation, thus he may not be able to sign a big contract; but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me at all if he'd shows he's better in a good team, without much offensive responsabilities, coming from the bench, instead of a starter/1st/2nd offensive option in a bad team. He's a good defender, rebounds well, is so versatile. If he could learn to knock corners 3s (and I've seen some terrible players learning to do that) he could be very valuable as a 7th/8th man coming from the bench for a contender. So probably lower expectations may help him somehow.

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Last year after Iggy moved

Last year after Iggy moved on, I tipped Evan as a possible MIP and although his numbers improved the board, this was partly due to increased playing time. This will be a key season for Evan can he develop into the sort of player Iggy became or might he be classed as a Marvin Williams type player who improved steadily in his early years but hit a plateau and is now considered to have been drafted too high.

Turner will be 25 in a couple of months so is a few years ahead of other guys in his draft class and his upside may have to come sooner than later. Also do Philly consider extending him early or not, if he did not pan out then they can let him maybe move on but if he went say 16ppg, 7rpg, 6apg next season someone could give him a big offer which they would then have to decide whether to match.

Personally I'd offer Turner say $32 million over 4 years as an extension this summer, he may look for more but this would be quite a lot to turn down especially as he would be near to 30 when that deal expired and added onto his rookie deal would give him $55 odd million in NBA career earnings from 2010 to 2018.

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