Contracted dress is relatively easier to deduce out their own style

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Contracted dress is relatively easier to deduce out their own style

Contracted dress is relatively easier to deduce out their own style, charm and temperament are very strong! Simple collocation can show your personal sense of smell, and ripe female amorous feelings is very oh!

STYLE (1) : joining together condole belt dress + paint pointed shoes
Rainbow color matching, both fresh and with something of retro feel the bratop condole belt of white romantic, sexy, not a garish, but high up chest line clipping is charming, with Tory Burch Outlet blue patent leather shoes, French with wind!

STYLE (2) : perspective splicing dress + fish mouth shoes
Splicing skirt, black perspective both mysterious and show thin, the bag hip design of cultivate one's morality is the outline of the figure of charming, the black fish mouth shoes on collocation, slender body easily deduce with nine heads!

STYLE (3) : the perspective splicing miniskirt + suede shoes
Perspective of condole belt bratop miniskirt temptation of nifty feeling is very strong! Gauze skirt of umbrella skirt, mini red printing ornament, enchanting amorous feelings together send out, on collocation of Tory 'burch black suede shoes, very attractive.

STYLE (4) : printed dress + red patent leather side of the backpack
Printing colorful profusion, sleeveless and relaxed style and fold skirt are simple casual, relaxed style easily conceal a is not perfect, red on collocation chain shows ripe female bag is little charm.

STYLE (5) : striped dress + chain bag restoring ancient ways
French amorous feelings of the black and white stripe dress, blowing big dew back sexy style and hemlines are brisk and amorous feelings, with simple Tory Burch Shoes and style restoring ancient ways of Tory burch bag chain, fashion and casual.

STYLE 6: tassel mini skirt with shoulder-straps + single shoes
White people feel tassel, black condole belt miniskirt is pretty cute, so national wind spell able and efficient design is permeated with a modern, tory burch ella tote is more atmosphere with metal.

Print dress STYLE 7: perspective
Print dress sexy perspective, sleeveless and relaxed and feminine ruffled skirt is placed, is summer amorous feelings, faint perspective material is sexy soar! Along with the gender of the Tory Burch Handbags on collocation, rigid-flexible economic.

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