Contract Issue

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Contract Issue

As you all may know I'm UK based so I maybe take a slightly different view on how NBA contracts work and when players or coaches are released etc.

I wondered how the Knicks stood in effect to Jason Kidd's contract for 2014 and 2015, J-Kidd retired and so the Knicks did not have to pay him but could they demand that he paid up his contract for breaking it as it still counts on their cap or get the Nets to pay compensation for his contract.

I can see the Knicks respecting J-Kidd's decision to retire but if it had been the other way round and the Knicks had said to Kidd, we are letting you go and not paying up your contract, I'm sure J-Kidd's lawyers would have been onto the Knicks fairly quick.

Also with Doc Rivers having $21 million on a 3 year deal, unless he had a break clause surely any team who took him on would have to pay the Celtics to buy out his contract.

Any thoughts or clarification?

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