comparisons about the best prospects

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comparisons about the best prospects

blake griffin at best- more aggressive amare worst- athletic david lee
brandon jennings at best- smaller baron davis worst- louis williams with pg skills
ricky rubio at best- jason kidd worst- jose calderon
earl clark best- what lamar odom shoulda been worst- marvin williams
demar derozan best- kobe worst- gerald green
jeff teague best- arenas best- shannon brown
stephen curry best- more aggressive bibby worst- eddie house
james harden best- brandon roy worst- jerry stackhouse
jordan hill best- jermaine oneal worst- wilcox
tyreke evans best- bigger rajon rondo worst- jamal crawford
johnny flynn best- cp3 worst- earl watson

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at the best kobe isn't kobe considerd one of the greatest of all time! You think derozan has the potential to be one of the greatest of all time?

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And Tyreke can be better

And Tyreke can be better that Rajon Rondo. Take Allen, Garnett, and Pierce from Rondo and I promise his numbers go down

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its hard to compare derozen

its hard to compare derozen to kobe because besides athleticism he needs to be a great shooter have great body control he has to be better at a lot things besides jumping.

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Wow. Some of those best case

Wow. Some of those best case scenarios are a little out of reach, and a lot of those worst case comparisons are still really impressive players.
Ricky Rubio's worst case shouldn't be one of the top 10 or 15 point guards in the league
Tyreke Evans could get a lot worse than Jamal Crawford
I really don't think that Jeff Teague will be on the same level as Gilbert Arenas...ever
I'm not sure that Johnny Flynn has potential to be the top point guard in the league
I don't think that anyone in this draft will reach Kobe's elite level

I really liked your Griffin, Jennings, and Hill comparisons though

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The at best, at worst list

The at best, at worst list is far too wide...

You can plug any guard in the Kobe to Gerald Green range.

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