Comparisons for 2014 and 15 NBA prospects

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Comparisons for 2014 and 15 NBA prospects

Keith Appling (Avery Bradley)
Reggie Bullock (Thabo Seflosha)

Willie Cauley-Stein (Dwight Howard or Deandre Jordan-if this kid can maximize his potential he be a dominant center at the next level his level of athleticism and body style are dead on if you look at Dwight his rookie year but if he doesn't reach that potential the deandre Jordan comparison is pretty close also/may have the biggest potential of any prospect not named Andrew Wiggins)

Aaron Gordon ( Dominique Wilkins/ Derrick Williams- again if this kid can maximize his potential he could put up big numbers and he already a Dominique level of athleticism but if he doesn't reach that potential he will be a spitting image of Derrick Williams and not just because he committed to Arizona)

Gary Harris (Marcus Thornton/ much fiestier on defense but what do you expect he's a Spartan)
Aaron Harrison (Joe Johnson/ slightly smaller frame)

Andrew Harrison (Tyreke Evans/ so hard to find a comparison for this kid not to many 6-5 point guards, only other comparisons I could draw up were Chauncey Billups and Oscar Robertson. But it's totally jnfair to compare a high school kid to the "Big O" and he two or three inches on Billups)

PJ Hairston (JR Smith)
Kasey Hill (Jeff Teague)

Alex Poythress (Terrence Jones/ extremely disappointing freshman year he's the inverse of jones who had a good freshman
year and fell off his sophomore year, Poythress on the other hand had a ghostly freshman year but should produce next season with a true point guard)

Jabari Parker (Paul Pierce/ a lot of people draw comparisons to melo but Parker isn't as selfish with the ball)
Julius Randle (Chris Webber/ needs to work on consistency withe his jumpsuit but at 18 not to many players don't)
Noah Von Leh (Jamal Mashburn)
Chris Walker (Earl Clark/ Lakers would have to be crazy not to resign him after the season he's having)
Andrew Wiggins (Paul George/ Wiggins is not the next Lenron but he is the best high school prospect since James)
James Young (James Harden/ better playmaker than people give him credit for)
Shane Larkin (Tony Parker)
Russ Smith (Nate Archibald/ not as flashy but gets on the break finishes for a little guy and is a thief on defense)
Peyton Silva (Mark Jackson)


Cliff Alexander (Thomas Robinson)
Tyus Jones (Mike Conley/ slightly better offensive repertoire)
Marcus Lee (Serge Ibaka)
Dakari Johnson (Andrew Bynum)
Stanley Johnson (Tyreke Evans/ unlike Andrew Harrison this kid can only play the two and three)
Kevin Looney (Thaddeous Young)
Trey Lyles (Carlos Boozer)
Emmanuel Mudiay (John Wall)
Jahlil Okafor (Jared Sullinger)
Karl Towns Jr. (Rasheed Wallace)
Rashad Vaughn (Wayne Ellington)
Justice Winslow (Richard Jefferson)


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Chris Walker is a

Chris Walker is a BEAST!

there is no way Chris Walker can be compared to earl clark because Chris Walker is 1 million times better than earl clark.

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Comparing Peyton Siva and

Comparing Peyton Siva and Russ smith to two hall of farmers? Chill with that. Siva isn't even gonna be in the league

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Siva compared to Mark Jackson WTF?

Crazy comparison, absolutely crazy. Russ Smith will get a shot, but Nate Archibald? Not even close, maybe Tony Delk caliber if he is lucky, but probably more along the Speedy Claxon lines.

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WCS is not going to be the

WCS is not going to be the next Dwight Howard. Terrible call.

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Siva is a senior, just

Siva is a senior, just pointing out one of many flaws in that post.

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Wiggins = Paul George?

Wiggins = Paul George? Wiggins right now as a high school school senior is probably just a step or 2 behind Paul George, much less his ceiling.

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So around 7 hall of famers in

So around 7 hall of famers in the class of 2014?

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At least.

At least.

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My Goodness, Bless your heart.

I hate to be brutally honest, but come on kid, come on. Cauley-Stein has potential, but not even close to the same ballpark as Howard or DeAndre Jordan. Keith Appling will be a career D-Leaguer at best and Shane Larkin will never be in the same conversation as Tony Parker. I like Larkin too, but think more along the lines of Devin Harris or Beno Udrih at best.

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