Come to Know Simple Things of Spiral Classifier

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Come to Know Simple Things of Spiral Classifier

Spiral concentrator is based on separation of different mineral density, mineral beneficiation methods. addition to a re-election re-election equipment, but also must have the media. medium such as water and air. This gravity separation beneficiation process is different from other places, the characteristics of re-election law, or the performance advantages of simple structure in the device, processing cost is low, so as long as the conditions can be used as appropriate methods of gravitational processes. note: this process flow according to the standard process design, customers can optimize the output and the requirements of the different designs.

And screw classifiers have advantages of simple structure, reliable and easy in operation. Now it is widely used in many areas, for example, it worked together with the ball mill, forming closed cycle to split and shunt the iron ore in the concentrating mill; classified the iron ore and fine silt in the gravity concentrator; graded the size of the pulp in metal processing and applied in de-sliming& dehydration operation during the process of ore washing.

Spiral separator is consist of ore feeding uniform splitter, feed chute, spiral groove, product interception groove, product gathering bucket and groove bracket (include cross or tripod) six parts.spiral chute applies to sorting size 0.3-0.02mm thin materials of iron ore, limestone, chormite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, pb ore, tungsten ore, tin mine, tantalum and niobium mine, as well as other non-ferrous metals, precious metals and non-metallic mineral with the thickness of ore concentration, concentration is high recovery, small footprint, less water consumption, simple structure, no driving force, big capacity, simple to install, convenient operation, small investment.

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