Come On John Wall....

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Come On John Wall....

I seriously don't get John Wall he says he wants to be the best PG in the nba. Talks about all the work he's put in his jumpshot over the summer, and how hes gonna take the league by storm but he's averaging less than he did last year. I know the season is still new, but it's his fourth year if he don't get it this year year I don't think he ever will........

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I know, sometimes people play

I know, sometimes people play below their expectations, those &$#%#[email protected]!s.

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dont beleive the hype

This guy still cannot shoot period! All he is just a "track" athelte running up and down the court...He'll get decent #'s against bad teams...

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His ppg average is fine, and

His ppg average is fine, and I am sure he will start hitting more shots which will make it rise.. But I wouldnt expect him to average over 21 or 22 ppg. He's more of a passing pg than a scoring (Ex: Kyrie). Its not all about the stats

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if he can get 17 and 10 while

if he can get 17 and 10 while shooting 35% from 3 that would be close to his peak, that is really good. He is getting that right now, his jumpshot seems to have improved which should only open up his game

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he's avg 17 and 9 while

he's avg 17 and 9 while having up and down shooting nights. 7 games in, I wouldn't throw him under the bus.

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I'm sure he could become the

I'm sure he could become the best PG in the National Brick Association.

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John Wall never had "it". he

John Wall never had "it". he seems really selfish and like the worst type of player to play with on your team. He's not a leader and he plays well against bad teams. Evan Turner is looking better than he is right now.

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If any of you guys actually

If any of you guys actually WATCH Wizards games you would see that he has already made one less three than he did last season- and is shooting 35.5% from the three point line. That is a tremendous improvement if you ask me. How can you expect someone to have a non-existant three point shot and then shoot over 40% the next season. Improvement like that is unheard of.

I've never seen someone average 17 and 10 and still get bashed so much! Chris Paul is currently the only point guard averaging 20 and 10 right now. Wall is third in the league in assists overall. He is also 2nd in the Eastern conference in assists and tied for 2nd in the eastern conference for scoring amongst point guards with MCW. He should make the all-star team if he continues to play like he is thus far.

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He's got a bad attitude,

He's got a bad attitude, forces J's despite an ability to get to the rim at will, and his defense is on and off.

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People forget how young he

People forget how young he is. Some players take longer to develop, like ZBo and J.R. Smith. Give him time and he'll be top 3 PGs.

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now 17 and 9 is good enough on a bad record is good enough? talk about lowering standards. there goes the top pick so called franchise player. still waiting for him to bloom. lol. i know i know , give him time. another year? hellyeaa haha

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Wall was hyped majorly

Was he a franchise changer worth tanking for? He is not effective in the half court. They look like a lottery team right now.

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Gortat is new to the team, i

Gortat is new to the team, i think they just need more time to mesh. I think their record will improve and they should be fighting for a 7th or 8th seed.

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He has a bad back right now,

He has a bad back right now, and is still averaging 17.4 pgg and 9.6 apg, not to mention 1.9 spg. Once he gets over his back issues those numbers will increase. At least the ppg will increase.

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