Combine Question

Does anyone know exactly how they weigh prospects at the combine? With shoes on or off. Are they just in compression shorts are they in full combine attire?

Anyone know? Thanks.

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It's a very complex process.

First everyone fasts for two days so that they aren't weighed down by their dinners.. Then, everybody strips buck naked and gets in a long line to step on the scales, which make loud beeping noises like on The Biggest Loser.

No but really, I have a hard time believing that weight differences caused by shoes and shorts are going to make any real impact on the success of any prospect in the future.

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True but some shorts and

True but some shorts and shoes and jerseys can make you almost 6-8 pounds heavier than what you really are. If I had to really guess I would say prospects are weighed with all the gear on but no shoes.

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