College realignment might be continuing

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College realignment might be continuing

The B1G has been looking into the possibilities of adding new schools. They have previously been linked to ACC schools, but new reports today link them to Oklahoma, Kansas and even Vanderbilt.

I think Oklahoma and Kansas could bring some interesting things, especially Kansas BB against the B1G powers: Mich, MSU, OSU, Indiana, and Wisc. Oklahoma similarly looks good for FB.

Anyone else see this yet, what do you think?

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I would love it

I don't know if I could explain to you how excited I would be if KU joined the Big Ten. Missouri left the Big 12, Texas has been really down the last couple years, Baylor has been very talented but always drops a few games a year that they shouldn't. I would love to see KU join the Big Ten and truely be tested year in and year in.

The Big Ten is moving towards being the best bball conference in the nation with the Big East breaking up. Imagine the ACC/B10 challenge with KU in the Big Ten against the add ons that the ACC is getting...

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Mountain West!!!

Mountain West!!!

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the B1G would be smart to add

the B1G would be smart to add oklahoma and kansas, they both draw nationally and they both are in 2 different markets that the b1G isnt already in so money wise those 2 would be the best fits.

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