College Medical Checks

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College Medical Checks

With Isaiah Austin's condition just having come to light, the ungoing Joel Embiid injury saga and the Greg Oden past history. I wondered to top recruits have to undergo thorough medicals when they to to their college of choice. I would imagine top colleges have a very large sports fitness and medical facility which more than one sport could use and that their facilities would not be that far behind what an NBA team has.

At worse a lot of colleges would have a large number of medical students who would have fairly distuingushed tutors so the sports teams would have an extra in-house medical support system.

It seems to be that often health issues only come to light when the NBA team's doctors start conducting fitness workouts and looking at medical history.

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There's a different procedure

There's a different procedure in which you must go through before entering the professional realm of the sport as opposed to being a student-athlete. The minor details are taken into consideration as well as long-term outlook while playing in college is at most a 4-5 year proposition. Additionally, a lot less money is being invested in them during their college careers so one would expect that the pro circuit would offer a more thorough examination.

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