Cole Aldrich to Minnesota?

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Cole Aldrich to Minnesota?

First of all let me just state that I do not believe this would be the right route for Minnesota to take..

Throughout the years Minnesota has been known to mess up Draft Selections and be very indecisive, (trading away O.J. Mayo..).Last year they have seemed to learn there lesson by just selecting the best player available, but as we know it is hard to kick old habits.I was sitting and wondering how they could possibly mess up this years draft and it hit me...

Minnesota needs a big..
Minnesota likes to draft good character guys...(Johnny Flynn selected over Stephen Curry)
Cole Aldrich had his first workout on Thursday and he shined against Sandars, Orton, and Udoh..
Aldrich is from Minnesota...

Uh-Oh Wolves fans.

If recent history is any indication of how this years draft will work for Minni this could happen.

Detroit's 7th Overall Draft Pick
Detroits 36th Overall Draft Pick
Detroit's Future Lottery Protected 1st Round Pick
Richard Hamilton
Austin Daye

Minnesota's 4th Overall Draft Pick
Ryan Gomes
Ramon Sessions

I wouldn't bet on it haappening but it's definitely a possibility.

Here comes the negatives...

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They could use Richard to

They could use Richard to help develop all the young wing's they will acquire this year

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Is there a player missing?!

Is there a player missing?! Pistons would NEVER EVER pull that deal, No offense it it is stupid, giving up a 1st and the 7th pick, Rip ( who still has enough left), Daye who is developing nicely FOR WHO?

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Not happening

They don't have the athletes on the team as it is with Love and Jefferson. I don't hate the idea of him being drafted but only with the 2nd pick because I don't know how much of an impact player he will be.

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Minnesota would only do it if

Minnesota would only do it if that 1st Round pick wasn't lottery protected, otherwise no way in hell, have you seen Rip Hamilton's contract or how old he is? MN is looking to build a young core like OKC, they'll keep the 4th pick and make the trade with GS where they get Randolph for Love, then they'll most likely trade both the 16th and 23rd picks to get back into the Top 10 for Paul George or Xavier Henry unless one of them falls to them.

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Good idea for both teams but pistons gave way too much.
Wolves need a C defensive minded, they have huge cap space but nobody would sign with them via free agency so u have to find trades, they badly need experience, they badly need a SG too.
Pistons need to get rid of some atrocious contracts, they badly need an offensive C, they badly need Cousins.
Cut some pieces nor picks,that could be fine...

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Aldrich's workout?

Where was Aldrich's workout and what did you hear? Not only about him but about the other guys too?

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wolves also traded away

wolves also traded away Brandon Roy for Randy foye and drafted William Avery over Ron artest LOL. Not to mention taking like 20 Pgs in last years draft and taking someone who wont play for us until after 2011 and taking Johnny Flynn whos just not that good.

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thats a really good idea for

thats a really good idea for both teams... if detroit has to give both picks plus austin daye to get rid of rip SO BE IT... plus theyd get demarcus cousins as a consolation leaving them with

Big Ben/ Jerebko/ Wilcox/CharlieV/maxiell
Big Ben/cousins/maxiell

in my opinion thats such a good rotation... but they would only take back small or expiring contracts... so damien wilkens instead of gomes... theres no chance they take on gomes 4yr contract...

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Curry isnt a HIGH character

Curry isnt a HIGH character player??

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Minnesota likes to draft good character guys...(Johnny Flynn sel

Minnesota likes to draft good character guys...(Johnny Flynn selected over Stephen Curry)? Really
I didn't know Curry was such a bad boy.

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The Gomes contract is only partially guranteed so they wouldnt have to pay it all if they didnt want too.

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