Cody Zeller to OKC

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Cody Zeller to OKC

It is a general consensus that OKC need a bigmen. Perkins just doesn't cut it. He is a good defender but cannot score the ball on a regular basis. He is averaging a mere 4.2 points a game. Scoring comes even less when Thabeet comes onto the floor. He is only getting you about 2 points a game and will not be a scoring threat at the Center position. Daniel Orton also is also 3rd on their depth chart and only has 1 year in the league so not sure how he will pan out but as seen in college he has more value on the defensive end.

This equates to only about 8-9 points coming from the Center position for OKC. At the Power Forward position OKC manages 18.3 of which 13.2 are form Ibaka. This makes for a combined total of about 26-8 points coming from 5 players through PF and C. This just cannot cut it if they want to make a run at the championship. I know they play Durant PF sometimes and is a reason why they do not get much minutes, however, I see it as they have to play him sometimes at PF as they are just so so poor with their current bigs.

As a result this puts too much pressure on Durant, Westbrook and Martin to drop consistently large scores to make up for this lack of scoring from their bigmen. In turn this means OKC have to many scorers on the perimeter.

They would be looking to fix this through the draft.

My solution and firm belief is they should try and get Zeller.

He is no longer a #1 pick or even top 3, but i cannot see him falling to OKC at #12. He could but it is not likely. Portland have interest in him and don;t think he will get past them at #10.

If this does happens I would like to see them draft up to get him.They do have a bunch of young players and assets so a trade up should be able to happen. They have picks 12, 29 and 32 so a package could be done to acquire him. They also won't have to over pay in terms of a deal in order to get him and move up say 4-5 places to around pick 7-8

I definitely don't think they should include Lamb and Jackson in a deal. Jones could be included say they don;t want to trade pick 29 as well or pick 32 but want I am saying it is possible for them to do so.

Zeller, to me, is one of the most polished bigs in the draft. He is able to run, has great body control and has a great b-ball IQ. He also is able to score which is important for the reasons I stated above. He has a great all around game with an ability to knock down mid range shots and score in the post. I think he is ready to contribute right away which is needed on this OKC team, who whilst young, is looking to get that elusive first nba championship with these young guys. I really cannot see him being an all-star as his ceiling is not that high compared to other guys, however, I also cannot see him being a player who tanks, and ends up out of the league in 5 years. He should be a reliable guy and will stay in the league for a while at a good level. One last point i want to raise is that he measured in well at the combined, despite being known for his "T-Rex" arms. One of the highest verticals with a 35.5 in the standing jump, and a 37.5 in the running jump and also is a 7 footer in shoes. There may be questions whether he is a 4 or 5, i think he is both with this added size. He is not much of a shot blocker, but this doesn't matter so much with Ibaka being on the floor. Ibaka helps to make up for some of the weaknesses in his game and will compliment each other nicely.

What do you guys think?

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Did you see the trade idea I

Did you see the trade idea I posted a few weeks ago? Im a Piston fan, and, if the guy we're targeting at #8 isnt there and we wish to move down instead, I purposed that Detroit take either Zeller or Len at #8(probably Zeller now, since Lens stock has risen so much lately), and then.....

Detroit gets=
-pick #12
-pick #29
-2014 2nd round pick

Oklahoma City gets=
-pick #8

That way, we(Pistons) could still probably land Muhammed, MCW, McCullom, or KCP at #12, get a couple other assets on the side, and you get Zeller. Just a possibility.

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I am an OKC fan and I like this. Let me start by saying I was dead set against drafting Zeller at first but I have grown to agree with a lot of the posters I have talked to on here about it and I think he would be a better fit than I initially thought. His offensive ability would be an upgrade for sure, but I was concerned about having basically Ibaka and Zeller playing together against Zebo and Marc Gasol. I thought that Adams would be better physically to handle centers with size. Now I still feel like that but the difference is both Miami and San Antonio are playing small and that seems to be the way the NBA is going, so it seems like it wouldn't be as much of a disadvantage as I had thought it would.

I agree in not dealing Lamb or Jackson. I think they could swap 12 and PJ3 for 8 or 9. Most likely Minnesota could work at 9. They are seeking a shooter and if KCP, McCollum and Bazz are all still there at their current pick of 9, they could make the trade and still get one of those three, while getting PJ3 in the process.

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