From coaching NBA to NCAA or coaching NCAA to NBA

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From coaching NBA to NCAA or coaching NCAA to NBA

Which would you think is a more difficult transition?

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I would think going from NBA to NCAA would be the easier transition. It would have a great affect on recruiting because as a coach the players know that you have been to the highest level before. And your name would always be linked to the fact that you have had a chance at the league whether you're successful or not. An example would be Larry Brown

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Flip Saunders just turned

Flip Saunders just turned down the Golden Gophers today.

I would say without a doubt it is more difficult to transition to the NBA. Guys are less likely to listen at that level because they feel like they know everything. Guys are less likely to get along and argue over things like shot selection and playing time. You play 82 games against the most elite competition in the world. In the NBA there are no Alcorn State's on your schedule.

Coming from the NBA to college would be much easier. It would help with recruiting players and would also give you credibility. The toughest part about this transition would most likely be the non basketball issues. Dealing with the NCAA rules and eligibility would be concerning to me. You have to teach college kids a lot more than just basketball where in the NBA (almost) everyone is a professional already.

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they are both not easy

they are both not easy transitions. i think the nba is a more difficult transition however, because college basketball is more for the coaches and as a coach in the nba you have to deal with the nba egos and it's more about the players. i would have like to have seen rick pitino coach in the nba at a different period of time though. he does these zone traps and presses that can really disrupt teams, however last time he coached an nba game, zone defense was illegal in the league. i don't know how successful he would be now, but for some reason i believe he could do a bit more with his style of coaching he has with the rules today. and if he had the players taylored for his coaching style, it would be even better.

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