Coach of the Year

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Coach of the Year

Congrats to Pop and the Spurs organization. Kudos also to Thibs, Hornacek and Stotts.

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Deserves to win this again.

Deserves to win this again.

Every single year I tell myself not to doubt the Spurs but the last couple of seasons I have said "This is the year they slip". But once again, with this guys brilliant coaching (and the entire staff) has managed to keep them on top.

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Good job Pop

Two for two so far on most deserved end of the season awards. Im glad he gets the credit he deserves this year.

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Well deserved

Well deserved

Moon River
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I really thought Thibs deserved it with Rose out, trading Deng and making an off the street guy (Augustine) into your leading scorer. Even though, it is still the Eastern Conference.

However, you know it is a good selection for COY when you can argue about others being deserving, but really cannot say Pop is not the right choice.

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Would have liked to see

Would have liked to see Stotts win it, but you can't take the award away from Popovich. Every year we see their roster get older and we become more skeptical, yet he still finishes at the top of the western conference.

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