Coach Thibs

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Coach Thibs

With all his coaching prowess, do you think his bench rotation is horrendous? He burns his starters, look at Jimmy Butler, played the whole game and also his starters. At Overtime you could see the bulls lacking energy and are scoring poorly. Now, his team might face a 0-2 deficit and might get swept.

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There is no doubt the start

There is no doubt the start of this OT the Bulls looked absolutely whiped. I do 100% blame Thibs' rotation for that.

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He was chuckling that the

He was chuckling that the final Regular Season game had Butler at 48 minutes and Noah at 42. Now, those same players are a step behind everyone on Washington that have pressed the gas for the playoffs. This is the first post season without significant injuries, besides Rose of course (which can't be blamed on Thibs). That, and his over reliance on defense first guys (which leads to a team completely lacking any offensive punch) are serious issues that might prevent multiple deep playoff runs. Guys like Pop rest their guys so much they get fined by the league.

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His rotation should not be a surprise to anyone. That is what he has done and will continue to do. You have to have a next gear in the NBA playoffs and Thibs coaches at the highest gear he can all the time. Come playoffs, there is no next level for the Bulls.

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bigger picture

very likely Bulls are outside looking in if Thibs isn't whipping what he can out of these guys.

He is the most intense coach in the NBA. Imagine Thibs coaching the Heat, I don't think they'd lose a game.

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The Heat

They might not...until they got swept out of the first round by a rested Atlanta team while Wade logged 44 minutes in a wheelchair lol

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Play Jimmer

Play Jimmer

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