Coach K's weakness

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Coach K's weakness

Coach K does not play his bench players enough. In this game, Parker has not left the court, and he is visibly exhausted. Coach K has a bench full of capable players, and never develops them. There is no reason why he shouldn't be playing these players early in the season.

Marshall Plumlee gets absolutely no burn. If he had some seasoning, coach K could use him against Tarczewki. I know coach K is one of the greatest of all time, but as a huge Duke fan, this short rotation absolutely infurates me. You can't cut players like Alex Murphy, Marshall Plumlee, Semi Ojeleye, Andre Dawkins, and Matt Jones out of your rotation. Especially in early season games, and especially in games that are against mid major teams.

If you play Parker 40 minutes a night, he is going to fade down the stretch, as so many of Coach K's stars do in the tournament. He needs to vary his rotations.

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Completely agree. I've never

Completely agree. I've never understood this thinking from any coach. When you have 10 players who are capable on contributing, why not play all of them? I know you want your best players out there as much as possible but in my opinion, fresh legs are always better (especially with the aggressive D that Duke usually plays).

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Duke needs some rebounders.

Duke needs some rebounders. Parker played too fast tonight. Learning experience.

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its also looking like a 2-man

its also looking like a 2-man team. they are going to have to develop a consistent 3rd scorer or do it by committee. Parker and Hood dont need to be in the entire game together. you can afford to rest one while the other is in and when you do, thats when you need that 3rd and 4th guy to contribute. Sulaiman and Dawkins are the perfect candidates but it doesnt look like anyone else is comfortable with a scoring role because Parker is dominating the ball and not getting other guys involved. They are going to have to learn, Parker and Hood cant do it all on the offensive end.

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I figured Parker would

I figured Parker would struggle against the athletic defense of Arizona especially that of Rondae Hollis Jefferson. I was working and didn't get to watch the game yet (I DVRd it). How much of the game was Jefferson matched up against Parker?

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Jefferson played good. Parker

Jefferson played good. Parker just forced it at times. Learning curve for him, but he was good. I agree with this post. Coach K needs to play Plumlee, Murph and Dawkins more. Jones isnt ready for big minutes, but If Tyler Thornton is playing at all im sure theres a better option than him. He is terrible im sorry. Amile Jefferson, hes from my city, but come on. He plays soft and he needs to get better. Zona is just a really good team lef by TJ. Ash, Gordon and Johnson are too athletic for most teams. Gabe off the bench will be key for them going to the final 4

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I disagree

I'm a huge duke fan also but I just don't like he roster this year. We have no size whatsoever. Don't u think if plum lee was any good that coach k would have sense enough to play him? I mean if anything the kid would start but he's very injury prone and hasn't really had any time to practice on the court all summer. Also I can't stand Hairston and Tyler Thornton. Like I don't understand why they are even on scholarship they are a complete waste

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Some coaches believe in a set group and ride with those players. In the past Coach K has used more depth if he felt his depth was good enough to contribute.

Side note: Arizona's athleticism didn't bother Parker. He got to spots and got shots he wanted. They just didn't go in. I mean they did run at him Aaron Gordon, Johnson, Jefferson, and Ashley... Lol! And in the first half he had them in foul trouble.

Dude is the real deal even when he struggles... you can see the smoothness of his game and the ease at which he plays.

Arizona simply has too much depth for Duke to contend with.

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Arizona plays seven players.

Arizona plays seven players. That's hardly any depth.

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I don't get why K doesn't

I don't get why K doesn't just start Cook, Dawkins, either Suilamon (who's been a disaster so far this year)/Thornton (who can't score)/Jones (Who is a freshmen, but I think could be the best of the 3) with Hood and Parker.

If you are going to start Jefferson or Hairston, and both are going to do nothing to protect the rim or prevent you from getting killed on the glass, there is no point.

He should play his bench more. Its early. Nobody knows what any of these teams will look like in March, but short of Kentucky, Duke could improve more than any other team as the season goes on.

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As a Duke fan, I definitely

As a Duke fan, I definitely wish Mike Krzyzewski would use his bench more. I also tend to think that both Hairston and Thorton are net negatives on the court, and at the very least should never be played together. That being said, Marshall Plumlee doesn't play simply because he isn't very good.

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Tom Izzo and Jim Boeheim work

Tom Izzo and Jim Boeheim work their bench in quite a bit. Iowa's been doing that too..Keep your guys fresh!!

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