Coach K: Paterno's firing a horrible mistake

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski shared a candid conversation on everything from Team USA and the Blue Devils to Joe Paterno and Penn State on Friday's "Piers Morgan Tonight." "Probably the only person that could rival you in reputation for college sport was Joe Paterno, and his career came to this awful, tragic end," offers Piers Morgan. "How did you feel about that, as someone that knew him well, worked in a parallel world to him for a long time?" "It was horrible, and I've respected Coach Paterno my entire life and had a chance to get to know him really well in the last year of his life," says Krzyzewski. "I thought it was really not well done in handling the situation that - it's a difficult situation to encounter." Having coached the Blue Devils since 1980, in the process winning four National Championships and 13 ACC Tournaments, Krzyzewski is in many ways synonymous with Duke University. Paterno's association with Penn State is remarkably similar, and "Coach K" says it was grossly undervalued: "You had somebody who's given six decades of service to the university and done such an incredible job. Somehow, you have to let - something has to play out and respect the fact that you've gone through all these experiences for six decades," he insists. "It doesn't just go out the window right at the end. I thought it was a real mistake by Penn State's leadership."

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