Clips Draft

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Clips Draft

Long way away but right now...

Does everyone realize now that perry jones is an nba PF? Clips already set at PF and SG so who would they go for?

Perry is a PF

A Sullinger/Griffin combo down low wouldnt work at all

I doubt Irving goes one unless he comes back and picks up where he left off at the end of the season

That would probably leave T Jones and Barnes. Two SFs which is need. I think by the end of the season Barnes will show hes a better prospect than Jones.

What are your guys thoughts if theyd get a top 2 pick? Which of these players could work on this team?

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Clippers are playing well

Clippers are playing well right now and there upcoming schedule is pretty easy...i doubt they will be in position to where they will be picking top 5...i wouldnt mind them seen them trade there pick for some quality veteran help. They already have six guys under 23 and im not sure adding another one is a good idea

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right on Laz

I am with you Laz, they are young enough and certainly do not need another 19 year ld on the team. I am certain they will improve their record to .500 which may or may not make the playoffs. But if they don't they will be selecting at the back of the Lottery which could have them trading out for another vet, which could really help. All Aminu is getting better he could be the true starter next season at SF or the first off the bench if they fill that spot with someone better.

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I think they need to take

I think they need to take Irving, and if he's not available, then Kanter.

They already have legit #1 and #2 scoring options in Griffen and Gordon, so taking someone likes Perry Jones or Barnes, just wouldn't make much sense, since their strengths are their ability to score (or at least their potential). Those guys in LA would be Marvin Williams in ATL all over again. Also they just drafted Aminu with the #8 pick, which is a pretty big commitment, and he's got a ton of potential and has shown some flashes so far. He's a project, but giving up on the #8 pick after one year is just silly.

T. Jones would be a better fit since he does have some playmaking ability, but their biggest holes are at the PG and C spot. Yes, they have Kaman, but he CAN'T stay healthy and his contract is expiring after next year. Kanter is the best big man in the draft and has good enough range not to clog up the middle for Griffen.

Baron is obviously not living up to expectations and is clearly not liked among the organization, while Bledsoe has some potential, but is most likely just going to be a good backup. The Irving and Griffen combo running the pick and roll would be magical, and his decent shooting would allow him to play off Gordon at times too.

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let bledsoe, aminu, and

let bledsoe, aminu, and jordan develop

rid yourself of davis and kaman and add solid pieces because you have 2 great building blocks with gordon and griffin...IMO this team will be picking top 10 and i think a veteran college player like kyle singler would be a great pick

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Perry Jones

I could see Perry Jones playing center next to Griffin.

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like the idea of trading fora vet

this team needs sum veteran leadership alot more then it needs another young player

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I would look to trade the

I would look to trade the pick along with a bad contract for a veteran player that could help the young guys or I would take best available point guard or player if I could. Aminu looks very talented at the 3 so the 2,3,4 spots are pretty set especially if you look at each of those positions back ups. They could use more help at the 5 but they are decent there but point guard is their biggest weakness.

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The Clippers have got two

The Clippers have got two great pieces already in place with Gordon and Griffin n particular, Aminu showed flashes of being a very good defensive option at SF and can play some PF behind Griffn if required. DeAndre Jordan has turned out to be a good 2nd round pick up so they could look to move Kaman and maybe draft another young C in 2011. If Irving was in ther range then they should have a look at hm surely if he declares next year.

They also have an unrestricted pick due from the T-Wolves in 2012 so they do have lots of trading pieces to use going forward especially as Davis and Kaman's contract runs down.

When someone mentioned veteran leadership Chauncy Billups sprung to mind but to get Denver to accept Baron Davis would mean that picks would have to be sent so a deal would be hard to do unless Kaman went and then you would have Davis and Billups on the same roster.

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The Clips probably won't get

The Clips probably won't get a very high pick in the draft. We had a bad start but we're slowly getting the groove back. 4-1 in the last 5. They probably won't be in a position to draft a P. Jones, Irving, Sullinger.

Right now their like 5th worst in the NBA, but by February they'll probably be hovering just above .400.

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