Clippers the team to beat in the West?

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Clippers the team to beat in the West?

Seriously though. Cp3 and griffin are becoming a nice duo. Deandre Jordan is maturing and solidifying his role. Their bench is absolutely phenomenal. Bledsoe could be a star in this league. Jamal Crawford, odom, billups, grant hill, Willie Green, matt barnes and anyone else I'm missing

Lakers I don't trust. Their bench is abysmal and their players sans Howard are old and can't play such heavy minutes.

Okc isn't the same team they were last year without harden. And I don't see them winning with Westbrook chucking at the end instead of giving the ball to durant

Spurs are the spurs, they're always contenders but not that big of a championship threat

The only other team I see standing up to the clippers are the grizzlies

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I say yes, they are deep at

I say yes, they are deep at every position and have enough defenders to guard any elite wing. Barnes, Green,Butler,Paul, and Eric give constant pressure every game. Everyone also knows their part in the rotation and do their job whatever that is. The second string of Bledso, Crawford,Barnes,Odom and Hollins played at one point 8 straight min in the game. Having a 2nd string that capable makes them elite.

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Clippers in the West, Knicks

Clippers in the West, Knicks in the East?

In clutch situation the Clippers have gone to both CP and Jamal Crawford as the guy with the ball in their hands, having two guys who hit big shots confident that they will make the big shot will be huge later. Like many people are saying Bledsoe is a boss and Deandre has improved immensly. Blake looked motivated last night.

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Just want to mention they're

Just want to mention they're doing this all with out Billups. I want to see there rotation when he comes back. I think they will win the division too

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I still don't like the fact

I still don't like the fact that their two main big men can't make free throws, DJ has shown some offensive improvement but in the playoffs sub 0.600 free throw shooting can cost you a lot of close games. Conetenders yes, but I wouldn't put them over the Spurs

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I don't know about that yet.

I don't know about that yet. I still think it's a little too early to tell. The Grizzlies been looking good too so don't sleep on them to make a run to the Western Conference finals. Plus you can never count out the Spurs and I think the Lakers will eventually get it together.

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Id say The Spurs are the team

Id say The Spurs are the team to beat in the west. The Spurs are as solid as they come but I'm not convinced they have the size to be the team to beat in the west. Their age doesn't worry me, thier yet settled backup PG gives me a little concern but I think they can get by. It is thier lack of size in the frontcourt that worries me.

The Lakers will probably get it togetehr not sure if I put them over The Clippers though.

OKC will turn it around. I think they miss Harden more than I thought they would stil Im not sure if I put them over the Clippers.

Grizzlies look great but don't have the depth of The Clippers.

Forcing to pick now I'd go 1. Spurs 2. Clippers 3. Grizzlies 4. Thunder 5. Lakers.

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I like the fact that the West

I like the fact that the West isn't as clear as it was in the preseason. In the preseason, it was Lakers or OKC for everyone, with the Spurs sprinkled in by some. Lakers struggle and fire their coach. OKC trades a main cog of their team and don't look quite the same. The Clippers look real strong and deep. The Spurs are the Spurs. They will be around late in the playoffs but haven't been to the finals in almost 6 years. And the grizzlies young players have improved and Zbo is healthy. I think realistically any of those 5 teams could make the finals. I also think the Grizzlies could beat the heat in a 7 game series. It just seem the heat struggle with the Grizz.

All in all, this is why the regular season is here. You just never know what is going to happen. We may have a good idea of what we think will happen but we are never 100% sure.

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