Clippers talking to Dahntay Jones

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Clippers talking to Dahntay Jones

Clippers Are Kicking the Tires on Dahntay Jones
Posted by Kevin Arnovitz On July 8, 2009 at 9:40 am

Sources close to Dahntay Jones have confirmed that preliminary, but substantive, conversations between the Denver guard’s camp and the Clippers are underway. The source emphasized that the Clips are among a few teams looking at Jones, but that the most likely scenario has him returning to Denver.

Although Jones doesn’t have much of an offensive game (9.67, 13.59, 9.07 PER the past three seasons), he posted very strong defensive numbers for the Nuggets both in the regular season and the playoffs. The Clippers are searching for a capable defensive stopper on the wing to pick up some of the more difficult assignments, and the 6-6 Jones could be a nice piece at the right price.


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