Clippers-pacers trade

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Clippers-pacers trade

Here is a trade idea for the clips and the pacers. Keep in mind that cp3 doesn't play very well with Blake griffin and loves to have a pick and pop big man (David West).
Clippers get:
David West
Danny granger
Draft pick

Pacers get:
Blake Griffin
Matt Barnes

Why I think this works for the clips isfor the reason stated above as well as well as the fact that the clippers are in win now mode. Cp3 would have west to hit the mid range j and still have deandre Jordan for the lob and defense/block shots. Also assuming granger is healthy he is basically a rich mans Jared Dudley. Spaces the floor great and can still be close to a 20 ppg scorer. Also they get a draft pick as compensation for giving up the best player in the deal (griffin).

Why it works for the pacers. So I know they were very close to knocking off the heat this year. And they are bringing back granger which in theory makes them even better this upcoming year. However I personally think that they are a team that should look more to the future (near future that is) and stay with players that are 2 years away from their primes. Stephenson, George, and griffin would be hitting their primes in the next 2 years or so which would be the perfect time considering wade and Lebron are getting a little older. Also I think that for granger to be most effective he either needs to be the primary wing scorer (which would hurt George's development) or he needs to bring scoring off the bench (which would be a slap in the face to a player of his caliber). Therefore you send him to a contender in LA, raise your teams ceiling, and get younger for the future.


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There is really the idea

There is really the idea Blake could get traded? For West and Granger? Come on, he will be an latent MVP candidate the next decade and is the key to any Championship Aspiration. With Doc on board you will see the difference between a Team that is coached and a Team that gets ist Coaching only through his Point guard.

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How about a title like "clippers pacers trade idea? " So were not falsely mislead into believing an actual trade went down between these two teams.

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We have no idea what Danny

We have no idea what Danny Granger is going to give us. West also just signed a new deal so he can't be traded until a few months. Blake Griffin receives a lot of hate and a lot of it is well deserved imo, but lets not trade the guy just yet. He is still a ticket selling machine and won't be traded anytime soon.

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My bad with the title

My bad with the title. I also dislike when people do that. And hoopscop I agree with that point. Rivers will make a big difference but I still think if griffin hasn't developed a mid range j then they will not reach their potential as a team bc cp3 has the option of shoot or lob pass on the pick and roll. Not too many options there

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i don't like the title of

i don't like the title of this thread either, however i will say i'm with the minority in saying it's not a bad trade idea. i have too heard rumors that within the clippers locker room that chris paul and blake were having issues. not to mention both bigs on the clippers free throw shooting is terrible. it may not be my favorite trade idea, but if the trade actually happened, i would understand it. chris paul needs room to operate with, and it's crowded in the paint. i don't know why people get so shunned for having an idea sometimes. i mean some trade ideas are way way off, but this one isn't terrible at all. would i do it if i ran either team? honestly no, but it wouldn't be anything to sneeze at.

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I think Blake is extremely overrated in terms of having an affect on winning basketball. His defense is extremely suspect and seems to have tunnel vision on offense. Aggressive, attacking basketball on the offense end of the floor is not a bad thing but he doesn't seem to play team ball. I would move him, and receiving West, who is familiar with CP3, and Granger is not a bad haul. I think you could get more than that though. Pacers can't trade their 2015 first rounder as they already moved 2014 for Scola. Everyone thinks this is terrible trade because Blake can dunk over a car but I think the Clippers would be better. You're not crazy.

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Blake Griffin the best player

Blake Griffin the best player in the trade? David West could eat Blake alive for the next three years.

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Not a popular idea indeed...

Not a popular idea indeed... but I'm pretty agree. Griffin is really overrated. All the buzz around him thanks to his tremendous dunks, his athleticism, his smile reminds me a lot of Dwight Howard.

But Griffin didn't prove he could win.

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