The Clippers are the top team in the NBA

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The Clippers are the top team in the NBA

Yeah... As a Clips fan I can finally say the Clips have the best record in the league, a 1/2 a game better than the Thunder. Lob City has won 14 in a row the longest winning streak in the league this season. I ain't here gloat but this team deserves props they play hard on both ends of the floor. Their bench is second to none, shoot even Turiaf is giving them some solid minutes. Gotta love this team the new Showtime like Magic called them today.

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I'm happy for you, it's a

I'm happy for you, it's a great year to be a clipper fan, they definetly will go further in the playoffs or as well as last year, and they are a very fun team to watch. Their bench is great, and showed that last night. Blake is emerging as one of the better players in our league and I really think that Chris Paul is a blessing for those guys. They're a great asset for the nba market.

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Considering the terrible history of the Clips

This is really amazing... Am a Hawks fan first, Spurs after that but would love to see this Clips team make a serious run at the title. Enjoy it and what a great xmas for Clips fans.

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Just imagine if the Clippers

Just imagine if the Clippers had a different coach. They have a very deep team and quite a talented starting lineup, but how is Vinny Del Negro going to do in the playoffs in a 7 game series? I have a lot of faith in Chris Paul and not so much in Negro.

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Agreed with Tyrober. Not sure

Agreed with Tyrober.

Not sure Del Negro has what it takes in the playoffs. He has never shown the ability to make those subtle and necessary adjustments in a playoff series. Del Negro is a good coach, but not a great one... not yet anyways.

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as of now

YES!! This team is the only team in the NBA in the top Defense and Offense , every player is gettin it done and they are still missing to huge players to their rotation Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups...

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Man if they can get Billups &

Man if they can get Billups & Grant Hill back healthy and playing like they have the past few years,the Clippers can beat anyone including the Heat & Thunder in a series...But i dont see them beating Miami,SpursMemphis or OKC with the current group.....Billups and Hill along with CP3 have that winning mentality...

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I am happy for Clippers fans

I am happy for Clippers fans as well. They deserve this success for the loyalty they have showed over the years by not switching to the dark side of the "Laker Fan". Not only are they the best team right now they are the most exciting team since MJ was in the league. They can compete with anyone and if they come out of the West the Heat should look out. They have the recipe to beat the Heat and that is an inside game and a great PG. They obviously will have trouble guarding Lebron but if you can contain him and close out quick on their shooters they can be defeated.

Getting out of the West will be tricky with OKC, SA, and even Memphis all playing at a high level but I am routing for them myself simply because I love watching them play.

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