cleveland trade idea

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cleveland trade idea

so cleveland has 2 options for this upcoming season, whether they keep the same roster or they make a change to try something different.

i think the last finals showed that the cavs are very very far from having a chance of beating the warriors with the roster they have, and it also showed that kevin love is not the player they need if they want to beat the warriors, as he becomes a one dimensional player on offense while he can't defend their forwards in the other side of the court.

so i think they should opt for the second option and try to make a change, to at least try something different.

the problem is that there aren't many option and they basically boil down to carmelo, which still i think is a better option than love.

having carmelo would give them a multi-dimensional scorer and a more dynamic player than love; he's defense is not very good but neither is love's, so that stays equal, but the cavs could play a faster pace with carmelo. The only problem losing love would be the rebounding but i think they could solve that adding one more piece to the trade equation.

now the problem is NY don't want carmelo so you need a 3rd partner and there aren't many options here.. but looking at the league's rosters i think there could be 2 good options that could benefit the 3 parts.

. option 1: NY-cleveland-utah

-NY: they get rid of carmelo and finally can re-build; in ex-change they get dante exum, d.favors and a 1st pick protected from utah.

-cleveland: they get carmelo plus k.o'quinn.

-utah: they get kevin love.

*NY gets a player like exum whom finally seems ready to contribute and still has plenty of potential, and would give them a PG while ntilikina develops as he's only 18 and will probably need 3-4 years to contribute. Favors is in last year contract so they could decide what to do with him next year. They also get a 1st round pick to keep building.

cleveland gets a more dynamic and versatile player in carmelo plus a player like o'quinn who would help on defense, rebounding and would bring energy.

utah gets a needed scorer who can really shoot from 3 and would open up space for gobert and the pick&roll with ricky. the jazz would become a very dangerous team...they lose exum but ricky is the perfect PG for this team and they have mitchell at 2 whom looks great.

. option 2: NY-cleveland-detroit

-NY: they get r.jackson, s.johnson and detroit next year's 1st round pick.

-cleveland: they get carmelo plus k.o'quinn

-detroit: they get love and kay felder.

*NY gets a PG to give ntilikina time to develope, plus a young forward and a 1st round pick.

cleveland same above.

detroit gets rid of jackson and they get a needed scorer whom would open up space for drummond; they also get felder to see if he works as a back up point guard; if he doesn't, they can always give kennard some minutes at the point, who knows maybe he could become a dragic type of player...detroit would get much much better anyways with love and would practically ensure a playoff spot.

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A couple of issues...

Ok, these are better scenarios than others that have been posted recently, but I still think you're overvaluing Carmelo.

Option 1 for New York is basically Exum, Favours AND a first round pick for Carmelo. Is he really worth 2 starters (Exum will probably start now for Utah) and a first? Personally I don't think so. I understand the Jazz picking up Love will improve their spacing but is it worth their depth? And they'd have to rely on an undersized rookie being ready to contribute.

Option 2 is even worse for Detroit. Jackson, Stanley and a first for Carmelo?! And they get back Love and Kay freaking Felder?!

At this stage of his career, Carmelo is not worth the hauls you're proposing. Make NY take Ryan Anderson as the price for getting rid of Carmelo. It's what he's worth at the moment.

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you might be right, but i

you might be right, but i still think that the trade would really benefit both the jazz and the pistons.

both teams would become much better teams with the addition of a player like love, which is the player these 2 teams need and would fit in better than any other player in the league. these 2 teams are really good defensive teams, specially the jazz, and what they need to be competitive is scoring and shooting and love gives them that.

both teams have an interior presence that needs space and love, again, gives them that exaclty as he can space the floor like few PF in the league.

for the jazz he would be the perfect addition as he gives them what they need without needing the ball in his hands, which is perfect having rubio as your point guard... imagine rubio playing the pick&roll with gobert and having love, hood and mitchell ready to pull the trigger if rubio doesn't find gobert for the easy dunk...

you might be right that carmelo is not worth what NY gets, but in the other hand i think that kevin love is very much worth what these 2 teams give for him..

in fact in option 1, the jazz get rid of favors which is a player that has missed 25games/year the last 2 season and is not the player he used to be he's in his year contract so if you re-sign him you would have to give him a money that he's not worth; plus you have ekpe udoh to come from the bench, a player that has been euroleague MVP and is gonna surprise a lot of people.

So basically the jazz get rid of a problem in favors and they trade exum, plus a 1st protected (a pick that would probably be around nº20) for love.

in option 2, the pistons get rid of their biggest problem which is jackson, so actually NY is doing a big favor to detroit, and they basically give stanley and a 1st pick for love; a pick that again, would probably be around nº20.

so in conclusion i think the trade is worth for both teams (jazz&pistons), as they both get rid of undesirable players/contracts and they get the perfect piece they need in love, at a very reasonable price.

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YOU LOST ME AT "i think the

YOU LOST ME AT "i think the last finals showed that the cavs are very very far from having a chance of beating the warriors with the roster they have"

That is not entirely accurate.

they are not very very far away.. the main problem the cavs have is really only there against the Warriors with a few of their key bench reserves that come in as offensive weapons like Frye that cannot compete at the same level on the defensive end for long stretches and still be efficient offensively against the speed of the Warriors defense ...and rarely see the court against GSW as a result forcing the better 2-way players to play heavy minutes.

The cavs just need younger defensive reserves that can play in the system on the offensive end and score when Lebron or Kyrie force double teams.

Liggins was one of those guys and they waived him in favor of roster fills by vets like Deron Williams and Dahntay Jones who did nothing to justify playing time over better younger defenders like Derrick Williams & Shumpert who were used sparingly or not at all in the Finals.

I think Lue needs to learn how to use his roster better, they have the tools (or at least did) just didn't use them wisely.

As far as K Love in the Finals, yeah he has not had a good track record when teams game plan against him, as neither does anyone else

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I don't think the Jazz are

I don't think the Jazz are interested in trading Exum at the moment. They are more interested in seeing what he will do on the court next year with an offseason focused on pure development instead of recovering from previous injuries. Maybe next offseason if he hasn't done anything significant or grown.

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