Cleveland trade idea

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Cleveland trade idea

Cleveland trade pick #1 and pick #31
To Chicago for:
Luol Deng and pick #20

I know a lot of you think Chicago are close to contending when healthy but the prospect of drafting mclemore to play in the backcourt with rose may be too enticing to pass up considering butler has shown enough to suggest he could start at the 3 and deng is the exact type of player that the cave could use to push them into playoff contention and help the development of their young guys and with their numerous picks mid first round they could be a chance to get some guys that could help both straight away and in the future.. Thoughts?

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As a Cavs fan, absolutely

As a Cavs fan, absolutely not. Luol Deng is a solid player and SF is a position of need.... but how does this affect our team long term?

Same thing I said about the Josh Smith scenario.. Loul Deng is a very good player but mentioning him alongside the #1 pick makes me cringe.... Cavaliers could get a better trade than this for the top overall pick

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That trade seems more

That trade seems more favorable torwards Chicago. It would be the Cavs who would not do that trade. Deng won't help long term. Right idea, wrong player. All that is.

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They would not get much more

They would not get much more than Deng for the number one pick in a weak draft. The consensus number one pick is coming off a huge injury and won't even play much next year.

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Its ok...

Not a bad trade, but as a Cavs fan I wouldn't like it that much. I would much rather trade for a younger veteran... Deng is 30 already and will be falling out of his prime in the near future.

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