Cleveland Cavaliers Big Man Problem

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Cleveland Cavaliers Big Man Problem

PG: Irving/Jack
SG: Waiters/Karasev/Felix
SF: Gee/Miles
PF: Thompson/Clark/Bennett
C: Bynum/Varejo/Zeller

Do you guys see all of those bigs? Where are the minutes going to go? Varejo was playing like an all star before getting hurt last season, Zeller has earned his spot in the rotation, Clark proved to be an improved player last year for the Lakers, Thompson was the #4 overall pick and is improving every year, Bynum is one of the best bigmen in the game if healthy, and Bennett is this years #1 pick! Mike Brown was already quoted by saying Bennett will not play the 3 this year, so that mean somebody has to go. Varejo's been on the block but who's gonna take him after hes coming off an injury? I honestly dont see Bennett getting more than 20 minutes a game with this many bigd. (if they decide to keep all 6). Any news or predictioms about what Cleveland will do?

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having a ton of young skilled

having a ton of young skilled big men is hardly a problem.

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Clark is going to play SF,

Clark is going to play SF, Bennett and Thompson will split time at PF, and Bynum and Varejao will split time at C. I think Zellers the odd man out if by some miracle that Bynum AND Varejao stay healthy. Also i don't think you will see Bynum playing any back to backs. Wtih the Injury history of Bynum and AV, i think the depth they have in the front court is a necessity. No need to move anyone at this piont IMO.

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I pray that they don't use

I pray that they don't use Earl Clark as a 3. He can barely handle the ball, can't shoot from the outside, and is a below average passer at the 3 spot. That would clog the lane up for Kyrie, Bynum, and Waiters so much.

They really do have a log jam inside. I bet Zeller loses out on a lot of minutes and Bennett gets brought along slowly, eventually taking minutes away from Tristan and Earl at the 4.

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Not a problem, you got

Not a problem, you got several big men who stay injured. Minutes will be available..

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I agree with ^ the problem

I agree with ^ the problem isn't the number of big men the problem is if any of them can stay healthy. Guarantee Zeller starts at least 10 games this year.

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Correct, Clark will be

Correct, Clark will be playing a lot of 3 this year.

That leaves Tristan/Bennett at PF, which makes the Cavs in great shape at the PF position.

Then, Bynum/Varejao/Zeller at the C spot is hardly a problem. Zeller shouldn't receive a whole lot of playing time, however, Bynum and Varejao are both VERY injury prone so I could see the Cavs limiting their games (especially early on) and depending on either Bynum or Varejao sitting out a game, Zeller would then be the backup.

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I still think the cavs are looking to move thompson and varajao for a star SF or large expiring contract so they have space to go after lebron in 2014 (probably unsuccessfully). But they could make a move on gay, granger or deng (possibly along with picks) realistically considering the pacers, raptors and bulls need front court depth. Theyre probably waiting to see if Bynum can hold up before they trade varajao though.

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why would you want Gay? the only thing he really does well is create his own shot basically, he doesnt contribute to much win IMO.. There's a ton of Greek prospect that could fill their void at SF..

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This is why I said, the Bynum

This is why I said, the Bynum signing has made the Bennett pick look a little odd. Sure, if the Cavalier big-men stay injured (which these guys often do), then it's no problem but let's say that by some divine miracle, they're healthy. Drafting Otto Porter would have made much more sense.

I think we're going to see Clark and Bennet playing a lot of small forward though and if Bynum/Varejao are injured again, then Thompson and Zeller would play center and the Cavaliers would play some small ball.

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bynum and bennett

Compliment each other though in that they can alternate between, the block and the high post. Hopefully Bennett should allow for some spacing for Bynum on the blocks with his face up shooting.

It strange though because they technically haven't got any idea what version of Bynum theyregoing to get since he didn't work out before signing.

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If you dissext

If you dissect it further, Brown wants Clark to primarily be a small forward. Bynum is an unknown entity who may not even play at all. Varejao is coming back from a slew of injuries and will need to be eased into the rotation. That leaves Thompson, Bennett, Zeller with Clark sliding over (only if needed) along with a returning Varejao.

As a Cavs fan, this isn't a problem compared to the last three years. If this is the Cavaliers' biggest problem, it looks like we're going to have a good season!

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If Bynum and Varejao both

If Bynum and Varejao both stay healthy the entire season then the Cavs have a great problem to have.

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